How to plan a green wedding

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Weddings can be enjoyable and memorable as well as environmentally friendly
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With all of the concerns regarding our environment and the damage being done to it, many people are looking for ways to protect the earth and minimize pollution. One of the up and coming ways conscientious couples are helping is by having green weddings. Ensuring that your nuptials do not contribute to the degradation of the environment is simple and fun.

Invitations and Wedding Extras

Many of the traditional aspects of wedding planning can be included in a green wedding. Invitations can be made from recycled paper or tree-free paper made from a substance such as hemp. It is even acceptable to send invitations by e-mail reducing waste completely. Biodegradable confetti or even birdseed can be thrown in lieu of conventional confetti and bouquets can be homegrown and picked from your own flower garden for a delightful, eco friendly alternative to mass produced flowers. For those devoted to an all green occasion, the procession of cars and limousines can be replaced with horse drawn carriages. There are many exciting alternatives to consider when you plan a green wedding.

The Wedding Dress and Tuxedo

One of the most anticipated details of planning a wedding is shopping for the dress. For the bride who has decided to plan a green wedding, many gowns are available in natural fibers. Fabrics made from hemp, silk, silk satin, or organic cotton are all available for the eco conscious bride to be. In addition to being environment friendly, hemp absorbs more moisture than cotton for cooler wear in warmer weather. It is naturally resistant to mold and mildew (which will provide for better storage) and not only shields against, but also absorbs ultraviolet light in greater amounts than cotton or linen. Hemp fiber is grown using little or no chemicals, making it safe for the environment and non-toxic. You can also consider wearing grandma's gown or having the groom wear a vintage suit. Recycling fashion is a great way to be eco friendly.

The Rings

The rings are an important part of any wedding. However, the production of diamonds involves grave danger to miners as well as to the earth. Numerous miners die in the retrieval of these precious stones and mining for diamonds and other gems involves moving great amounts of soil. This can alter local eco systems and damage watersheds. For couples who are eco friendly, buying rings from an ethical jeweler who ensures their gems were produced responsibly can be a good option.

Gifts for the Guests

The next step to take when you plan a green wedding is to consider eco friendly gifts for your bridal party and guests. Ideas for organic favors include tree saplings, seeds, jars filled with organic jellies or honey, homemade candles, crystal, incense or pot-pourri. For your bridesmaids, you can put together baskets filled with homemade soaps and organic cotton towels, or organic chocolates or teas. For the men in your party, consider wallets, or solar powered watches, belts or cycling bags made from hemp. Encourage your guests to donate to various environmental charities in lieu of presents for the bride and groom.

An Organic Meal

The meal is an important part of the festivities. To plan a green wedding, hire a caterer for your reception that specializes in organic or vegan menus. Free-range chicken and pesticide free beef are delicious food choices. Organic beverages such as fresh pressed juices, organic coffee and tea, organic wine and beer are great options. In addition to being eco friendly, organic wine is said to taste better than regular wine because organic grapes are grown in nourished soil without the use of pesticides or other chemicals.

The Wedding Cake

For the finale, serve organic wedding cake made with unrefined sweeteners like fruit juice reduction, maple syrup and brown sugar. Organic wedding cakes can be made using wheat flour and fresh fruit filling as well as real chocolate sweetened with barley malt.

Other Green Ideas

When the reception is over, recycle your flowers by donating them to a local retirement home or hospital and later, share your wedding pictures with family and friends by creating an on line photo album. Sharing your memories digitally is a great way to save photo paper.

The above tips will help you plan a memorable green wedding that is both beautiful and environment friendly.

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