Ideas for groomsmen gifts

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Ideas for the groomsmen
Give them gifts that last for years to come!
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Ideas for groomsmen gifts don't have to be elaborate, just practical.

Being asked to serve as a bridesmaid is an honor. So is being asked to serve as a groomsmen. Because the bridesmaids and the groomsmen are special and asked to assist the couple, they are usually given a token of appreication for their support and dedication to the couple.

Bridesmaids gifts are generally easy to find since most women all like the same types of things; jewelry, purses, cosmetics, clothes, etc. But trying to think of ideas for groomsmen gifts can be a little tricky for the man of the hour. What kinds of gifts would groomsmen like? What kinds of gifts would they not like?

The groomsmen serves the groom in many different ways:

- They act as a consultant of sorts to the groom. They advise him, listen to and help him with any problems he may have, they may even offer advice or help in finding a resource for more help.

- They help the bridesmaids in decorating the get-a-way car.

- They plan the groom's bachelor party; inviting guests, food, entertainment, etc.

- They assist in planning any co-ed couple showers, other engagement parties and rehearsal dinners for the couple.

The groomsmen's duties are just as widely varied as the bridesmaid's are, and the groom surely wants to show the groomsmen how much he appreciates them too. Groomsmen gifts don't have to be elaborate, or expensive, or even anything too unusual. They can range from things that the groom likes and wants to share, to things that each of the groomsmen like specifically, that would make the gifts more personal and more touching. Here are 10 ideas for groomsmen gifts to show them that you appreciate their role in your wedding:

1. Flash drives. Who doesn't need a flash drive these days?  We use them for everything from backing up photos to carrying that presentation to a conference session. So why not give your groomsman a flashdrive with lots of storage capacity? Order personalized flash drives with the wedding info or a pithy message from you to your groomsman for a gift they'll use again and again.

2. Pocket knife. It doesn't matter whether he's an outdoorsman and loves to camp, or a homebody who prefers puttering around his space. A pocket knife is still one of the classic ideas for groomsmen gifts that works. Choose a classic knife or opt for a multitool design he can use for everything from tightening a screw to removing a bottle cap.

3. A keepsake box. This is akin to the jewelry box for the women, but has more of a masculine appeal. They use it to store their jewelry, money, or other small items. Choose boxes that sport classic logos for the hipster groomsman, or opt for something unique and techy for geeks among them.

4. A fine pen. No matter how much we use computers, once in awhile we still need to use a pen. Why not let your groomsmen sign their contracts or endorse their checks in style with a fine pen? You can opt for an engraved pen with the wedding date, but a better option is to choose a beautiful writing instrument they will love.

5. A travel bag. Or, more often known as a Dopp kit. Every man needs one for traveling, whether overnight or a frequent flier. A travel bag holds all of the male essentials (shaving, grooming, etc.) and is a nice, practical addition to his travel bags.

6. Business card case. Whether he works in a Wall Street firm or designs websites, odds are he has business cards. Sure he can stash them in a pocket, wallet or briefcase, but handing over a bent or soiled business card just doesn't cut it in any field. Giving your groomsmen a monogrammed business card case is a choice everyone will appreciate -- and be able to use.

7. Gift certificates. Can be to any of their favorite eating places, entertainment, golfing or even spa resorts. Although they are very practical and easy to give, sometimes they are perceived as impersonal or lacks creativity. To avoid that, you might want to choose a unique one for each groomsman, to match their interests or taste.

8. Money Clips. This can never grow old! Money clips are a great gift to give because they can be personalized (always a plus), they're practical and they give even today's most casual guys the air of being a debonair gentleman. Who doesn't want to be that?

9. Video games. Many guys love the gaming world and would LOVE to get the latest and greatest addition to their gaming collection. What's their game? Find out what gaming system or computer OS they use, then get the hottest game for them. Then, watch their faces light up!

10. Team sports mugs. This can be personalized for each of the guys' preferences. For instance, the hockey lover gets a hockey mug, the football player gets his, etc., etc. Whatever their favorite team and sport is, give them the mug that matches. Great for using at the bachelor's party too!

There are many ideas for groomsmen gifts that you can gift to those dedicated friends that you ask to serve on your special day. Make it fun, make it personal and make it something that they're sure to use and remember you for always.

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