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How to include children in weddings

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Celebrate your wedding with a role for the youngest guests
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Deciding to include children in wedding ceremonies is a great way for couples to make the young people in their lives feel important as well as to add charm and appeal to the festivities. Children can complete many of the responsibilities important to the success of a wedding ceremony.

As Flower Girls and Ring Bearers

Young children traditionally fill the roles of flower girls and ring bearers. The sight of child, dressed in his or her finest and proudly walking down the aisle will be sure to delight your guests. Older children will love being included in the wedding party as junior bridesmaids and groomsmen, sharing the same responsibilities as the adults. Another great job for children at a wedding ceremony is to assign them the role of ushers. They will be thrilled with the responsibility of showing guests to their seats and your family and friends will enjoy it as well.

As musicians

If any of the children you know are musically inclined, ask them to sing or play an instrument. Small voices make for excellent soloists and a young person playing the piano or flute while the bride and groom sign their wedding license will provide great entertainment for your guests. Having children participate in the musical portion of the nuptials is an enchanting way to include children in wedding ceremonies. Older children can also perform readings or give a toast at the reception and children of any age can hand out confetti or small bottles of bubbles to be blown as the wedded couple leaves for their honey moon.

As bell ringers

Having bell ringers is another delightful way to include children in wedding ceremonies. Have one or two children walk down the aisle before the bridesmaids or, for a dramatic introduction to the star of the ceremony; have them walk to the altar right before the bride makes her appearance. Another way to include children in wedding ceremonies is to have them carry the bride's veil. Not only will this be adorable, but their small chests will be sure to puff out with pride.

Regardless of how you choose to include children in your event, make sure to invite them to the rehearsal and to purchase them wedding favors as you would with the adult members of your wedding party.

As part of a family creation ceremony

One of the most personal ways to include children in wedding ceremonies is when the couple being married has children of their own, either with one another or from a previous relationship. In this case, family ceremonies can be conducted where all members make promises of love and commitment to one another. Including the children's names on the wedding invitations is a wonderful way to let your guests know that they will be attending the marriage of a family.

As Best Man or Maid of Honor

Older children can also play the important roles of best man or maid of honor. When families come together, asking a step or biological child to stand up for their mother or father will be a privilege they will never forget. In addition, an older child could be given the honor of walking their mother down the aisle. Some people also choose to have family rings to show their commitment to one another, while others have each member of the family write vows. This is especially meaningful when two families are coming together and the new parents make commitments to their stepchildren, uniting them as a family.

Many roles and responsibilities can be given in order to include children in wedding ceremonies. The inclusion of children in your special day will result in a unique ceremony sure to delight both you and your guests.

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