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Let's tone this down a little bit
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Planning a no-reception wedding? Ideas for alternatives to the wedding reception

For those looking to cut costs, having an alternative to the wedding reception can do wonders for your checkbook. There are still ways to have a unique function that doesn't have to break the bank. As well, there are ideas such as heading out to a restaurant or cutting it completely out, to say, have more money for the honeymoon.

Whatever it is you want on that special day, here are a few ideas below on how to have an alternative to the party or a completely no-reception wedding.

Alternatives to the Reception

People have been known to go to a restaurant with their closest friends and family afterwards to celebrate. A bar scene can work as well, for those looking to cut costs involved in putting on an intricate and expensive after-party. A simple backyard venue can do wonders, as well.

For the potential backyard gathering, one can divvy up duties for each of the family members. Items such as food, drinks, decorations, music, wedding guest favors, and more, can be done by family and friends. Food can be a creative process in the kitchen -- It doesn't have to be catered and look like the Royal wedding. It can be simple, yet fun.

Favors can actually be small and don't necessarily need to be expensive for your guests. Speaking of your guest list, you can try to keep it relatively small, which will cut down on additional costs, if you are indeed looking for a different (and cheaper) alternative.

While the restaurant and bar scene can be an easy-going, fun, cheap, and relaxed version of a no reception wedding, sometimes it's fun to be able to hang with friends and family in a slightly more intimate setting, like a backyard or club hall.

Ideas for a Money-Saving "Reception"

Try holding your get-together earlier in the day. This can cut down on costs, like less drinking being done by the attendees at the after-party. Decorations don't have to be costly, as balloons, tulle fabric, candles, and other such adornments, will suffice.

For music, simply create your own playlist, without the need for hiring an expensive DJ. There's no need for a band or DJ, as you will be in charge of the musical selection. Set up your iPod, MP3 player, or other device, and the party can rock out without any additional pieces necessary.

In the vein of an earlier ceremony, the possibility for a dessert bar is also a cheaper option available to the newly married couple. Instead of a full meal for your guests, they will be treated to a wide selection of desserts, like cookies, chocolates, pies, and more.

Thanking Guests

Be creative with your gifts for guests. They don't have to contain an Oscar-worthy gift bag of iPhones, gaming systems, and gift cards. Instead, head over to dollar stores in your area or go online to find great discount wedding favors. Your guests will love the thought you put into each gift, no matter how expensive it actually is.

Keep things small, yet colorful. The purpose of having an alternative to an after-ceremony party isn't to look cheap.  Even smaller budgeted receptions can be glorious affairs. It's about being smart with your money and putting all your creative juices into making your guests remember this event just as you and your significant other will for years to come. And for those looking to the bar or restaurant alternative, those venues can be a cost-effective and fun way to bring a group together through both food and drink.


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