Outdoor wedding ideas to avoid bad weather

By Melissa Ingold
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Do you want the perfect outdoor wedding without worrying about the weather?
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Outdoor wedding ideas

After shouting your answer to his proposal from the rooftops and setting the much anticipated wedding date, it's time to plan the outdoor wedding of your dreams.

Choosing to exchange your vows in an outdoor ceremony is certainly challenging, but not impossible. It simply requires more thought and organization compared to a traditional indoor event, though rest assured, the reward is worth the effort.

Unlike indoor weddings, getting married outside means you have to be prepared for whatever Mother Nature sends your way. Every detail of your special day is planned, every moment prepared for, but the weather is one thing you can't count on.

Here's how you can avoid the unexpected on your wedding day . . .

1. Scope out alternate locations that can be used if the weather turns bad. This may be a hall, church, hotel, etc. Once you have found a suitable location, work out a plan to move the wedding to the second site on a moment's notice. This could mean calling all of your guests to notify them of the change a day or two before the wedding, having someone direct guests to the new location the day of the wedding, or even changing sites part way through the ceremony.

You will also need to decide whether you want to decorate both locations, or have friends and family on hand to move items from your main site to the backup place should it become necessary.

2. Rent a tent. A tent is a great option because it can more then likely be set up wherever you are getting married. Even if you would rather not use the tent, having one on location will be convenient for you and your guests if the weather turns sour.

3. Find an outdoor location that has overhead protection. This could be something as simple as a picnic pavilion. Chairs and a pretty arch can easily be set up beneath, or just use the area for dining and host the rest of the event under the sky. It can easily be used for the ceremony if necessary.

4. If you are worried about the rain, but don't have the option of booking a second location or renting a tent, include a note on your invitation reminding guests to bring an umbrella. You might also want to have a few on hand for those who forget. As for the bride and groom, you can rent a protective arch or modify one to shelter you from the rain.

5. There are many wedding locations, like hotels and golf courses that have beautiful outdoor areas that would be suitable for getting married in, such as the gardens, grassy areas, or among the tree. These sites also have indoor facilities that you can take advantage of. Instead of hosting the entire wedding outdoors, you could just have the ceremony and pictures outside, and then move indoors to the banquet hall for the dinner and reception. This will ensure an immediate solution if the weather is poor.

6. Many couples choose to have the ceremony and reception in the same area. This saves money, and is convenient for guests. If you planning a small wedding, you may want to visit area restaurants. View the ones that have an outdoor patio for dining in nice weather, you'll find many of these have overhead protection and are nicely designed and decorated. If you find one you like, you can combine the ceremony and reception and do it all on the restaurant patio. This can save you money as well because you may be able to reserve the patio for free if you plan on feeding your guests too.

The above suggestions are only a few of the myriad possibilities for avoiding bad weather during an outdoor wedding. Whatever you do, don't assume that the weather will behave just because you want it to, have a plan and be prepared to implement it. After all, you only have one chance to make it perfect.

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