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By April Hall
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Planning a wedding in a week is possible with some organization
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Learn how to plan a wedding in a week.

Perhaps you have fallen so deeply in love that you simply cannot wait a moment longer to get married. Or maybe you are just completely disenchanted with the whole idea of wedding planning. Whatever your reasons for wanting to have a quick wedding, it is entirely possible to plan a wedding in a week, with a little organization.
  • Fill out the necessary paperwork. The most important step in getting married is to make sure that you have obtained the appropriate marriage license. Without the license completed, you cannot officially get married, no matter how elaborate the ceremony may be! A quick trip down to your city hall will provide you with the information regarding fees, fingerprinting, and any necessary blood work. 
  • Reserve a site. If you are thinking about having an outdoor wedding, consider having your ceremony on a public beach or in a park area. Many of these areas are completely free to use; you may need to call ahead to your local Parks and Recreation Department to make reservations. You may even consider using a relative or friend's yard. For those who would prefer a small, indoor wedding, a church or chapel is always a good choice.  If you are not a member of a congregation, you could find a large ballroom area or banquet hall for your wedding ceremony. Areas such as these also conveniently double as reception areas!

  • Invite your loved ones. The most difficult aspect of trying to plan a wedding in a week is the thought of sending out invitations. Don't let this daunting task cause you to give up and head down to the nearest justice of the peace in frustration. Just get a little creative!  If you have a large group of relatives and friends that you want to invite, start a phone tree or send out e-mails or text messages. Snail mail will take too long, so just make technology work for you. The downside is you may not get confirmation of an exact number of guests, so don't give your site an exact number of attendees.
  • Enlist your friends and relatives. It would be almost impossible to plan a wedding in a week without co-opting anyone and everyone you can think of!  If you have friends who have an eye for fashion or bargains, ask them to help you find the perfect outfit. If you have relatives who are known for being crafty, ask them to make some simple centerpieces for your tables, or maybe create your flower bouquets. You will definitely appreciate someone to be the central command of your wedding planning; find one of your friends or relatives who is especially organized, and give them that title. Not only is this a great way to delegate responsibility, but it also takes some of the pressure off of you!

While it is entirely possible to plan a wedding in a week, you will need to realize that you will probably be sacrificing a bit to have a wedding in such short notice. But if you want a simple ceremony to celebrate your commitment, complete with many of the important people in your life, you can indeed get that accomplished in only a few short days. Just get to work!

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