Planning a Christmas wedding

By Rachel Hartman
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Christmas bride
Planning a Christmas wedding is a great way to combine the holidays with your special day
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A wedding around the holidays can be a festive event. In many areas, you will find that decorations for the holidays are already up. Here are some ideas on how to have a great Christmas wedding just in time for the holidays. Also, be sure to check out winter wedding themes, it might give you some great ideas for your Christmas wedding.


Since many places will be decorated already with red and green, you may want to fit these colors into your theme. If you would rather work with a different color, there are many to choose from. Some other possible color schemes include silver and white, silver and light blue, or gold and off-white or cream. White and gold will also create an elegant atmosphere.


A Christmas tree may already be up at the reception room or banquet hall that you reserve for the big event. If not, you can consider providing your own. In some areas, flowers are very expensive during the holidays. You may want to use other items instead of flowers, such as a muff instead of a bridal bouquet. You might also look at centerpieces that have ornaments in them instead of flowers. Poinsettias are popular when Christmas approaches, so you may want to consider decorating the tables with them. Other decorations include miniature Christmas trees with lights and ornaments on them. You can decorate trees to fit your theme. So if gold and white are your colors, wrap white lights on the trees and add gold garland or ornaments. Scented candles also help fit the mood during Christmas. Fake snow can be used instead of an aisle runner.

Wedding Invitations

Usually wedding invitations should be sent out six to eight weeks before the wedding date. However, during the Christmas season, many people have Christmas parties and special gatherings to attend. For this reason, you might want to send out your wedding invitations earlier than usual. Think about giving your guests twelve weeks' notice. This way, they can schedule in the wedding around their other events and parties to attend.

You may also want to make sure that the wedding invitation does not resemble a holiday card. To avoid confusion, make your invitation a solid sheet, rather than a card that folds. Stick a reminder card with the date of your wedding in the envelope. This will make it easier for your loved ones to remember the wedding and set aside the day for it.

When planning a Christmas wedding, you may find that you can get many of the decorations on sale. If you have a year or two to plan, start stocking up at sales that come up after Christmas. You can also look online for good deals on Christmas ornaments and other decorations year round. Consider wholesale sites for better prices on Christmas items you can use as favors, centerpieces, reception decorations, or ceremony accents.

Many things go into planning a Christmas wedding. Start the arrangements early. This will help you prepare for the big day with plenty of time. With a little organization, your Christmas wedding will be as festive as the holiday season.

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