Unique spring wedding gift ideas

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Spring wedding gift
This unique wedding gift holds something special for the bride and groom.
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Gift ideas for a spring wedding will delight the bride and groom

Spring kicks off the wedding season.  Some brides choose spring because it symbolizes new beginnings.  The happy couple will embark on an adventure of a lifetime by tying the knot.  It makes sense that this "new life" would be officiated in the spring. 

Many people prefer to give money as a wedding gift.  There's nothing wrong with giving money, but it can be perceived as impersonal.  There are numerous spring wedding gift ideas that you could consider.

Do the bride and groom enjoy board games?  If they do, purchase a board game that is based on the classic game Monopoly.  The difference is this game is based on the love and romance of the happy couple.  If you know the couple very well, go ahead and create this game for them.  They'll have hours of fun playing this personalized game. 

A unique wedding gift is a heart shaped puzzle.  The happy couple will enjoy taking this puzzle a part and putting it back together again.  This is another example of spring wedding gift ideas that are unique.

Spring wedding gift ideas

  1. Personalized wine stoppers
  2. Red heart-shaped ceramic bowl
  3. Love game
  4. Heart puzzle
  5. Crystal vase
  6. Engraved musical box
  7. Unity set
  8. Offer a service

A personalized musical jewelry box is a special gift.  The name of the newlyweds is engraved on the cover in a heart-shaped center.  The bride will love seeing her new name on the cover.  Place cuff links in the box for him; for her, a pair of diamond earrings.  They'll really enjoy this special gift.

Does the couple enjoy fine wine?   An insulated wine cooler tote is perfect for couples that enjoy wine.  You can personalize the tote with their initials.  They bring their wine tote to family gatherings and parties.  They will enjoy this wedding gift for years to come. 

If you're a musician, offer your musical services.  This will add a personal touch to the wedding.  In fact, you could write a few songs for the bride and groom.  If you're great at making scrapbooks, make one for the couple.  These spring wedding gift ideas are very personal.

If you cannot think of any spring wedding gift ideas, think about the couple.  What do they like to do?  What are their hobbies?  Maybe they like to cook.  Purchase some cookbooks and place them in a picnic basket.  Add glasses and you have the makings of a perfect picnic. 

All of these are terrific spring wedding gift ideas.  Many people stress out when they are invited to a wedding.  They have no idea what to buy the bride and groom.  Wedding gifts are not supposed to stress you out.  Give a gift from your heart -- that's the best wedding gift!

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