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Summer wedding ideas are as different and creative as the bride
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Be creative in planning and your summer wedding ideas will become memorable

Summertime is quite the popular season for wedded bliss. Brides choose their special day with backdrops of sand-washed beach fronts, white-washed gazebos, breathtakingly green landscapes sprinkled with vibrant floral colors and yes, traditional churches and halls with enormous balconies that hold their loved ones to witness the special occasion.

Summer wedding ideas are as different as the creative bride who dreams of them. Each bride wants to showcase her special touch and eclectic flair for all to remember.

In the summertime, brides and grooms often choose romantic and exotic places to hold their nuptials. Far away islands, spa-like retreats, get-a-ways, mountains and quaint villas are some of the places where couples choose to publicly express their commitment and devotion to one another. The summer season is so inviting with the outdoors feeling and the outside aromas of trees, flowers and summer sounds.

When you think of summer wedding ideas you can use to make your day special, think of ideas that reflect your personality and allow your creative flair to show through. Is your personality environmentally-friendly? Go green and send recycled invitations. What about your registry - - do you prefer keepsake china or more of a modern flair? Whether your ideas are traditional or non-traditional, creativity and a personal touch will give you a special day to remember.

Where Should the Ceremony Be?

Since the summertime season is usually hot, consider having your wedding ceremony outdoors and in the cooler part of the day. To help with the heat and to make your guests more comfortable, you can present each guest with a small, portable (but quiet) battery-operated fan that they can use to cool themselves.

This works well in less than formal settings where the guests are dressed more casual. Additionally, if you have the ceremony outside, you may want to put on the invitation that the dress is casual so that the guests know that it would be acceptable to dress comfortably.

Fun Fare

Drinking fun, fruity wines and drinks with little umbrellas and creating cold, icy concoctions are also other fun summer wedding ideas that you can serve to your guests. They’re also a refreshing distraction from the summertime heat. This is also a fun idea if you situate the bar outdoors where the guests can see the drinks being made as the bartender entertains them.

When you are entertaining your guests in a summer wedding, be as informal as possible. Rent a band with a more relaxed style. Guests tend to feel more comfortable with that, especially since they are outside and would be more inclined to join the band on the dance floor.


For the wedding ceremony, the act of releasing doves or lovebirds, releasing large, white balloons or renting a blimp to fly by the facility are also other summer wedding ideas that bring a special touch to the ceremony. These things are usually done outside, but can be done inside the church as well (except the flying blimp, of course!).

Summer weddings can also be sprinkled with other touches like:

-   Custom ice sculptures in the punch bowl. Have the caterer design a sculpture in the bride’s and groom’s likeness. You can also serve shaved ice with the wedding punch.

-   Light reception fare with lots of fresh fruit and cold drinks. Serve different and exotic fruit, things that your guests wouldn’t normally have on a daily basis. Keep them well-hydrated as they have fun with the fruit!

-   Digital or small disposable cameras at each table at the reception. Let the guests all take impromptu shots of each other, special moments and the wedding couple’s departure. You will see angles that the main photographer would never have gotten. Use these photos to design a thank you card for the guests, showing them their own work in action!

Summer weddings are lots of fun, and can be a creative story for the bride and groom to remember on their very special day. Inject lots of personal and unusual touches and lots of attention to fine details and you can create a special day that’s etched in you and your guest’s memory for always.


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