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By Robin Becker
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wedding favors in the shape of sandals on sand
Travel wedding favors are more sought after than ever as destination weddings become more popular.
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Fun and romantic wedding favors with a travel theme.

The favors for guests are always an important finishing touch to any wedding reception. Increasingly, couples are choosing travel wedding favors as a tie-in to either their destination wedding or their upcoming honeymoon destination. It's a way to personalize the reception even more and give the guests a touch of International flair to take home. No matter what the location, there are travel wedding favors to go with it.

Beach or Cruise Travel Wedding Favors. Whether you're having a Hawaiian destination wedding or taking off for Tahiti on a luxury liner after the last guest leaves, you can bring the islands to your reception with the right favors. Chocolates or small decorative soaps in the shapes of various seashells can be tucked into tiny beach pails at each place setting for a coastal touch. Wine glass charms shaped like fish, sea shells and boats or ships can work for a beach or cruise travel theme as well.

Other favorites are tea light holders that come in styles ranging from sailboats to palm trees. Include candles with breezy ocean scents to finish these favors off with a whiff of the seaside. If you don't like ocean scents, consider tropical florals. Shaped novelty candles are another fun option – you can find whimsical miniature candles shaped like flip-flops, pineapples and palm trees that are brightly colored.

If your idea of a beach vacation is relaxing with a drink in hand, you can also order individual packets of drink mixes like Pina Colada and Marguerita that are personalized with your names, the wedding date and a personal message.

European Travel Wedding Favors. Don't restrict yourself just to favors that are specifically designed with a destination in mind. If you want to evoke thoughts of Italy or France, you can give your guests small bottles of French or Italian wines. Gourmet biscotti or croissants in small, decorative bags can bring continental flair to your reception as well. If England is your destination, consider pretty tea infusers and packets of Earl Gray tea, beloved by so many Brits.

Las Vegas/Casino Travel Wedding Favors. Are you hitting the casinos of Rio or Las Vegas? Then you can surprise your guests with casino themed favors! Foil-wrapped chocolate poker chips or shot glasses decorated with the four suits from a deck of cards will set the mood. Colorful decks of playing cards for each guest are another option. These can be custom ordered with any sentiment or picture you like on them – a keepsake almost anyone will use for years to come.

Oriental Travel Wedding Favors. Having a wedding with far eastern style? Bring a taste of the orient to your wedding with the right travel wedding favors from the East. Sterling silver gifts are available in several unusual styles. Key chains with sterling fortune cookies and sterling chopsticks can both be engraved with a personal message or the date. Chopsticks can also be done in porcelain or delicately carved bone and dyed to match the colors of the wedding décor. Small sake cups for the men and sandalwood fans for the ladies are travel wedding favors that will transport your guests to ancient Japan.

Versatile Travel Wedding Favors. If you want to have a travel theme but don't have a particular destination in mind, you still have plenty of choices. Designer luggage tags are a practical and stylish option that everyone will appreciate. Tuck a thank you note or photo of the happy couple into the window where the name and address usually goes, are use the tags as place card holders. Choose from fine leathers or metal versions in finishes from silver to bronze or brass. The bonus with metal luggage tags is that you can find them in a variety of shapes, from dolphins to stars.

Small travel candles in tins can be personalized with photographs, graphics or a simple message. Choosing your favorite scent is always fun, too. Miniature duffel bags or backpacks are unusual favors that add a personal touch if you and your new spouse love to go hiking or camping. Tuck mints, candies or trail mix into them for a finishing touch. One couple chose key chains with sterling silver compasses engraved on the back with "The Beginning of a Beautiful Journey" and the date.

However you're planning on traveling, whatever your destination, travel wedding favors will add an International accent to your wedding reception. Choose a locale and get going!

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