Unique wedding accessories

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throwing confetti at wedding
It's the extra touches that make a wedding memorable.
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Accessorize your wedding with unique toppers, favors and attendant gifts.

You've set a date for your wedding and now comes the excitement of planning your dream day. With weeks or months to prepare ahead for the big day, it is never too soon to plan for even the smallest of details. The wedding gown, ring choices and wedding location seem to be foremost on a bride's mind, but the not so obvious considerations of unique wedding accessories should be given a great deal of thought as well.  

Bride and groom cake toppers

Accessories are those items that put the finishing touches to a wedding. Some of the better-known accessories are the handfuls of rice or confetti thrown at the lucky couple as they leave the church, bride and groom cake toppers or the ring bearer's pillow that holds the new couple's wedding bands. Tables at the reception are typically accessorized with centerpieces and little mesh bags of mints tied with ribbon. These touches make a wedding memorable, but what about unique wedding accessories - the ones that aren't so commonplace at every wedding?

Let's start with the wedding cake topper. Traditionally the cake is topped with a bride and groom figurine, but there are so many more choices to let the character of the bride and groom shine though. Now a couple can choose acrylic shaped hearts with a personalized engraving such as their initials or verse that commemorates their love. There are themed toppers such as western, country, or even fairytale castle toppers. How about toppers that feature blown glass of dolphin or dove designs? These distinctive pieces make for wonderful keepsakes as well for the bride and groom.

Light the way with luminaries. Luminaries cast a subtle glow and are perfect for lighting the path to the church, reception or even the couple's car. These unique wedding accessories come in a variety of designs such as a dove or heart so when the candle flickers inside the luminary the distinctive design shines through.

Wedding Favors are fun for everyone. Wedding favors can be given to everyone who helped make the wedding a possibility or as a giveaway at the reception tables for all your guests. Bookmarks with a dangling charm at the top, bud vases, sample coffee bags (for the morning after!) or even a lucky wishbone will capture your guests attention.

Show appreciation to your Attendants.  Show your bridesmaids and groomsmen how much you appreciate them being a part of your special day.

Groomsmen - Unique wedding accessories include gifts the men will love to receive. An assortment of barware such as personalized mugs, shot glasses, pub signs and corkscrews will give the groomsmen something to "toast" to. A doghouse keychain is also sure to bring a chuckle.
Bridesmaids - Bridesmaids tend to enjoy the silkier, plush side of life. A satin pouch to hold jewelry, a beaded clutch bag, beach totes or Christmas ornaments honoring their part in the wedding is a great way to say thanks.  

Dance the night away. Have fun on the dance floor during the reception with personalized floor decals honoring the bride and groom. Randomly place the decals around the dance floor for a night of celebration your guests won't soon forget.

These accessory tips and hints "complete" the perfect wedding to make it memorable and enjoyable for everyone.

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