Unique wedding favor ideas

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Seasonal favors make your guests feel special.
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Creative brainstorming for guests' gifts

The invitations have been sent, the dress has been purchased and the photographer has been hired. Many of the details for your wedding have been addressed and now you have to decide what to give to your guests. Unique wedding favor ideas are often difficult to think of on your own. Try using your imagination and thinking outside of the box to come up with ideas that are fresh and exciting.

When we think of favors, we usually picture candles, cake or small parcels filled with candy. When brainstorming for unique wedding favor ideas, try to think of things that you would enjoy receiving if you were a guest. One great idea is to make a donation to a local charity in your guests' names. At your reception, place a card next to each guest's place setting stating that a donation to "a popular/local charity" has been made in his or her name. This is a great way to give a gift to those who really need it, while at the same time making your guests feel special.

Another way to come up with unique wedding favor ideas is to give favors that are associated with the season in which your wedding takes place. If you are having a spring wedding, tin buckets with bulbs or perennials would make a beautiful favor. Guests can take the bucket home and plant the contents in their garden, making your favor timeless and memorable. When the flowers bloom every year, they will think of you and your special day. Fresh smelling sachets would also suit for a spring wedding.

Getting married in July? How about summer beauty kits for the women, complete with pumice stones for pretty feet, great smelling SPF lotion and an upscale lip balm? For the men? Golf balls with the date of your wedding embossed on them would make a great gift. Another unique wedding favor idea for warm weather is small fishbowls complete with a cheerful goldfish or beta inside. Not only would these small swimmers make for excellent favors, they would make your tables look beautiful and exotic.

Fall weddings are not only beautiful, they also allow for many unique wedding favor ideas to come to mind. Incorporating the holidays into your wedding favor ideas in the form of single serving pumpkin pie favors is a festive and delicious idea. Many bakeries make small, individually boxed pies for just such an occasion. There is also Halloween to consider. Small, carved pumpkins with candles burning inside would make for fabulous favors and would also provide unique lighting for your tables. Instead of the traditional scary faces, make your carvings wedding friendly by creating images like bells, rings or champagne glasses.

When the weather is cold, you can warm up your guests by giving small packets of cocoa or apple cider as wedding favors. Another beautiful wedding favor idea is to give glass Christmas ornaments. You could thread a silk or satin ribbon in your wedding colors through the mouth of the ball and tie it around the stem of each guest's wine or champagne glass. Not only would the ornaments be a treasured gift, lighting candles on your table would allow the flame to reflect off the glass of the balls resulting in a soft, romantic atmosphere.

Unique wedding favor ideas are not as difficult to come by as you may think. Keep your eyes and mind open and you will find a favor idea that will be perfect for your guests. Most of all, remember to relax and have fun. Your guests are your family and your friends and they will be sure to l

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