Wedding gifts for the bridal party

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Say thank you with beautiful wedding gifts for the bridal party
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Thoughtful, meaningful gifts for your wedding party

Let's face one really needs a silver plated flask engraved with your wedding date. Nor do they need a compact with you and your new husband's names on it, no matter how long you've been friends. So what's with these useless bridal party gifts?

The people you love enough to have share the spotlight at your wedding deserve something special. So when it comes time to select wedding gifts for the bridal party, make sure your choice reflect the way you feel about your bridesmaids and groomsmen.

Let's start with the ladies and bridesmaid gifts.

Picking gifts for your bridesmaids

They have worn ugly dresses for you. They have rehearsed the walk down the aisle. And odds are, they've spent the past few months hearing about how hard it is to choose between sweetheart roses and lilies for your bouquet. These friends and family members who will stand with you on your wedding day have earned a nice gift!

One gift, many faces

It is possible to choose the exact same gift for each of your bridesmaids, and still make them meaningful and personal. For example, sterling silver cuff bracelets or silver photo frames could be engraved with a word or phrase that personifies each woman in your bridal party.

Select a single word, like "generous" or "energetic."  Or find a phrase or quote that matches each woman's life. Be sure all of your choices are kind.  This is no time for getting back at your cousin by selecting a word or phrase that will have a double meaning.

Let friendships' bloom

Rather than giving a gift with your names or wedding date, select a useful but beautiful item engraved with the bridesmaid's monogram. From a set of guest towel in rich, thick Egyptian cotton to a warm terry bathrobe or an elegant vase, there are hundreds of beautiful things you can have personalized for each member of your wedding party.

Now on to the gentlemen

Gifts for groomsmen

If the men in your wedding party are closer to their fraternity days than to the corner office, by all means go with the classics when choosing your groomsmen gifts.

Engraved mugs, shot glasses and other barware are likely to be a huge success. But if your groomsmen are more mature, and have moved into careers, you'll want to choose different gifts to say thank you.

Boys like their toys

Okay, so he drives a minivan and has a mortgage.  That doesn't mean he doesn't like to play. Consider rewarding your groomsmen and best man with an executive toy. A miniature basketball court for his desk, a set of cubical people or an engraved silver yo-yo are just some of the ways you can let the men know you appreciate their participation -- and you understand that they still like to play.

Mr. Fix-It gifts

If your groomsmen have their own houses, like to fiddle with their cars, or are always taking something apart to make it just a little better, why not give them a personalized all in one tool, tool chest or tool belt? Like the ladies' bracelets above, you can choose a word or phrase that represents each man's unique personality.

Have gift, will travel

Travel gifts like duffle bags, luggage tags, or toiletries bags are a useful and valued gift for your groomsmen. Have them embossed or embroidered with a monogram for a personal touch.

Choosing wedding gifts for the bridal party should be an expression of genuine affection and appreciation. You don't have to spend a lot to get the perfect gift for each bridesmaid and groomsman. But the time you spend selecting a thoughtful gift will be a wonderful investment in making your wedding day even better.

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