Winter wedding themes

By Rachel Hartman
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Bring the magic and sparkle of winter into your wedding theme
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The winter season can become a lovely theme for your wedding. Planning a winter wedding gives you many opportunities to celebrate the season. From holiday decorations to snowflake invitations, your special day can have a magical feel to it. Here are some ideas to help you plan your winter wedding and be sure to check out how to plan a Christmas wedding for those who have always had their heart on a true holiday wedding.

Winter wedding attire

The attire for the wedding party should reflect the theme of your wedding. For a winter look, you may want to pick out a white bridal gown with a white fur or faux fur wrap. You could also look for a strapless dress, since they are very popular at the moment, and then add a wrap, shawl or coat. Another option for winter could be a simple gown with white faux fur trim, or gold or silver touches. If you decide to wear a gold or silver dress, you may want to add a tiara to wear on your head.


There are many colors to choose from for a winter wedding. Silver and white will create a formal look that fits the season. A holiday theme could include shades of emerald or hunter green with splashes of red. You may also consider colors such as ruby, deep red, lavender or light blue.


If you decide to have the wedding in a church, it may already have holiday decorations in place. If you choose a cozy inn or private club, you may also find winter décor. When reserving a place months in advance, ask what their winter decorations will be. Whichever location you decide on, be sure to check that it has proper heating. Some places can be drafty during the winter months and you'll want to make sure your guests will be warm enough.


Tables can be decorated with white or red poinsettias. They also could have an arrangement of candles and pine branches. Cranberries in a bowl of floating candles also make an eye-appealing table centerpiece. Gingerbread houses are still another option. For room decorations, you might consider stringing small white lights on doorways and walls. Icicle lights in white or light blue make pretty adornments, as do gold and silver garland. Snowflake ornaments and evergreen boughs will also create a winter atmosphere. Pine branches with lights intertwined in them fit a snowy theme, as do white and blue tulle. You can make or purchase white and silver snowflakes. Spread them on the tables or hang them from the ceiling. Small flakes of gold and silver can be sprinkled on white tablecloths and in other arrangements. Silver, white and gold balloons can be set around the reception area. Trees, either natural or artificial, also make great decorations. String them with lights or buy them pre-lighted.


There are many winter wedding favors to give to your guests. Using white tulle, you can cut small squares and fill them with candies, mints or nuts. Add a silver or gold ribbon for an extra touch. An ornament can be a great favor if your wedding is near Christmas. Hot chocolate mix also works as a tasty treat for guests. Miniature glass snowstorm globes or tiny evergreen trees can also be fun favors. There are a wide variety of winter wedding themes to choose from. Whatever your taste is, you can create a design that fits your preferences and the season. Invite guests to a cozy setting and enjoy the day. Your wedding will sparkle like freshly fallen snow.

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