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Basing your dress selection on your body shape ensures you'll look amazing
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You can easily choose a wedding dress you love by considering shape and style

Sure, there's the cake, the flowers and even the DJ, but do you know what most guests remember about a wedding? That's right, the dress. Those coming to see you on your special day are almost just as excited about what you'll wear as you are. If you're worried about how to choose a wedding dress, don't be -- by taking your style and body shape into consideration, you'll find the perfect one for you.

The Color

You've probably thought about the colors of your bridesmaid dresses and even your wedding favors, but have you decided on what hue your want your gown to be? Matching favors, invitations and decorations seem to always be on the forefront of a bride's mind, but the shade of her attire should be, as well.

You don't have to go with the traditional white for your attire. In fact, brides are mixing up the colors for a creative and very personal event. For instance, did you know Sarah Jessica Parker was married in a black gown? You don't have to go to that extreme, but you are allowed to choose whatever color you want. You can always choose off-white if you don't want to veer too far from tradition, but go ahead and get creative -- it's your special day.

For Your Shape

Selecting a gown based on your body shape is an almost sure-fire way of finding attire you'll look absolutely gorgeous in. Finding a gown based on this criteria means the dress will flatter the parts of your body you like, while playing down areas you aren't so fond of.

For instance, pear-shaped women often look their best when donning skirts that gradually flare out from the natural waist. This design hides full hips and thighs, but shows off your itty-bitty waist and gorgeous chest.

If you have an apple shape, your goal is to give yourself a defined waist. Since apple shapes tend to look full in the middle, this little trick gives you curves in all the right places. Look for a gown that cinches in at the smallest point of your waist, then flares out a little. This flare can hide full hips. However, you'll want to draw attention to your upper body, so look for a bodice that features lace or other eye-catching details.

If you're tall and skinny, you are probably the envy of every other lady who looks your way. However, you also probably want to look more shapely in your gown. If this is the case, look for a sheath-style dress that features a low-cut neck and thin fabric. The eye-catching upper portion of your gown will draw attention away from the fact you are a little lacking in the curves area. Fortunately, the thin fabric will pick up any shape you have and totally accentuate it, making you look way more voluptuous -- and sexy.

Petite ladies should look for gowns that make them appear longer. You can do this by donning a trumpet, modified A-line or sheath gown. These types of styles feature waists that are actually higher than yours, which makes your bottom half appear lengthy. You want to draw attention to your upper body, so skip any large adornments that will take that focus away.

Women who are plus-sized should look for Empire-style gowns that gradually flow into A-lines under the waist. This slight flare hides any fullness you have in your lower body, making you look more svelte. Additionally, the Empire style gives you a nice waist and shows off your top half.

Don't Forget the Shoes

The shoes you select can also make you look even more gorgeous. Wearing high, sexy heels can make you appear taller and leaner, which can also help your gown look even more amazing on you. However, you should also keep in mind that you need to be comfy, as well. Glamorous shoes that look good but feel horrible can turn your special day into a nightmare. Additionally, if you're already on the tall side, you can get away with flats.

The bottom line is you need to be comfortable no matter what you select. You shouldn't be swayed by what others think about your style. If you like the gown, that's what you should get. It is your day and you should wear what you want. With this in mind, go ahead and choose a wedding dress you love.


Real Simple: Choose the Perfect Wedding Dress For Your Body Type

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