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A cocktail dress makes just about any occasion exciting
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These cocktail fashion tips are designed to make you the star of any party

A woman wearing a dress is arguably one of the best looking sights on the planet. The function appropriate, properly-fitting dress makes the right statement for every early evening or pre-dinner event.

If you're going to a party, you must be careful about which outfit you choose; you don't want to under-dress, but you also don't want to look more formal than everyone else. By following a few cocktail fashion tips, you can be sure all guests will stare at you, for the right reasons.

Consider the Event

Of course you always want to wear a high-quality garment when you are out on the town, but you must consider the type of event you are planning to attend when choosing the style.

Being mindful of the host and type of guests that will also attend the event allows you to fit in beautifully with the crowd, while standing out just a bit because of how gorgeous you are.

For instance, if the party has a conservative feel to it, you don't want to wear an outfit that shows a great deal or skin, or one that is too tight. However, if you know you can get away with something a little more daring, and that is your style, go ahead and wear something of that nature.

The most important thing is to feel comfortable in what you are wearing. If you aren't wearing something that makes you feel and look your best, it will show.

Consider Your Body Shape

If you didn't know already, outfits typically look best on you when you take your body shape into consideration. Taking some thought about your shape with the process allows you to flaunt what you love and cover what you don't. 

For instance, if you are uncomfortable with your lower half and would like to obscure your hips and thighs, choose a long halter-style dress that covers up all that you would like to hide. The halter will draw attention to your upper half, while the skirt hides your fuller areas. Additionally, a garment that features an empire waist shows off your upper body, while subtly hiding the lower.

Ladies who are shaped like rectangles, or long, sleek and lacking curves, need to accentuate their femininity. Create a lady-like frame by accentuating your waist with a belt or a dress that is nipped in at that area. Wrapping a ribbon around your mid-section

A peplum jacket also adds some gentle curves to your upper body, and is the perfect accessory on a cold night. Stay away from a boxy jacket, as it will only add a sharp angle to you upper body, instead of a soft curve.

If you have an hourglass shape, you can wear just about any style you desire and look amazing. Keep in mind however, that if you want to make yourself appear more slim, a dark ensemble is what you need. For instance, a classic little black dress can show off all of your best features, but help you achieve that slim silhouette you are searching for.

Of course, the type of shoe you are wearing makes difference in your appearance, as well. If you feel your legs are a bit too lanky, go with knee- or even thigh-high boots; they will create the illusion of thicker legs. Booties with high heels give your look a rocker edge, while strappy sandals are feminine and show off your feet. Stilettos also make you look taller and your legs longer.

Knowing a few cocktail fashion tips allows you to look gorgeous and fit in with this type of party style. Slipping on a dress of this nature is an occasion in itself, so make the most of it and have fun.


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