How to dress up for summer

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dressy shorts
Pair dressy shorts with a white blouse
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It's easy and fun to dress up for summer with hot stylish fashions

Summer is the perfect opportunity for you to look oh-so-gorgeous. Not only do you get to show a little skin, but you can do so by wearing totally stylish and beautiful clothing. Forget the misconception that summer is a time only for shorts and T-shirts; the warm weather creates the perfect opportunity for you to dress up for summer.

Casual Look

Even if you are only going for a casual look, you can still be gorgeous by dressing things up. Going shopping, visiting your grandmom and simply walking out to get your mail all warrant you to rock a casual, yet dressed-up look.

Start with a pair of trendy shorts. Forget the typical khaki, denim or cotton shorts; you need to go with shorts that have flair and attitude. Choose shorts that are bold and have a striking design. They should really be attention-getting in order to pull off the “dressy” feel.

Before you go out in public wearing them, however, make sure they aren't too short. One easy way to determine if your shorts are appropriate is to hold your hands down to your sides. If your hands fall further down your legs than your shorts do, they are probably a little too much on the petite side.

Pair your fabulous shorts with a blousy top. This definitely takes your look to the “dressed up” level, as does a pair of sky-high heels. So go ahead and slip into those stilettos. You'll look amazing and feel even better.

Date Look

There's no better time to look your best than when on a date. Don't even think about wearing anything less than dressy when you go out with your sweetheart. A sexy dress fits the bill perfectly for this situation.

Sure, a cute summer dress is, well, cute. However, you're not going for “cute” here; you want absolutely blazing hot, so go with a dress that shows off your curves. In other words, this dress should cling.

Your hot date dress should show off your stems, as well as your arms and collarbone area. Look for a number that only covers one shoulder, and does so with a shorter sleeve. This look will have your cutie totally drooling and definitely asking for a second date.

Work Look

Just because you're at work, it doesn't mean you have to don frumpy, unflattering outfits. Instead, spice things up by wearing sexy and stylish clothes. Step into a pair of chic high-waist, wide-legged pants to show off your body and to dress things up. Since it is summer, you'll want to choose pants that feature a light fabric, such as linen. You'll feel better and your look will give off a light and airy feel.

Since your pants are high-waisted, you want to show that off. Not only will doing so make your waist look teeny-tiny, but it takes your look to a whole new level. Choose a stylish, light blouse to pair with your pants and go ahead and tuck it in.

Slip into some sexy heels and you're sure to get a raise with this impressive look.

Fun Look

If you're catching a movie or getting lunch with the gals, you'll still need to sport a dressed-up look. Accomplish this by putting on a pair of floral-print slim pants. The floral design goes with the summer theme, but the fit makes this ensemble dressy.

Pair the pants with a tank or a sleeveless shirt. If you really want to add some dazzle to your look, choose a tank that features sparkles, as you can almost never go wrong with sparkles. Wear a sexy pair of heels and you are good to go.

It's easy to dress up for summer when you use your imagination and aren't afraid to get a little daring. By stepping away from the familiar, you can find new designs and styles that you never thought you'd try and totally fall in love with them.


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