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Chandelier earrings look gorgeous on oval-shaped faces
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Wearing the right earrings for your face shape can do wonders for your look

Have you ever seen an amazing pair of earrings at the store, but when you brought them home and put them on they just didn't have that "wow" factor anymore? It could be because they aren't the right earrings for your face shape.

The design of your face can play a major factor in just how beautiful those sparkling earrings look on you, and you will likely be amazed at how the right shape can flatter and enhance your features.


Ladies with square faces have strong features that are marked with bold angles. Their foreheads, chins and jawlines are about the same width, and earrings that feature soft lines usually complement these faces the best.

Look for hoop earrings or other earrings that feature curved edges. These soft shapes will downplay your sharp angles, helping you to look, and possibly feel, more feminine.

If you'd prefer another style, try teardrops, multi-tiered or drop earrings. Again, they will help take some of the harsh edge away from your jaw, and help to elongate your face.


If your face is shaped like an oval, consider yourself lucky. You can get away with just about any kind of bauble resting on your earlobe. If you're not sure, take a look in the mirror. Oval shapes feature foreheads and cheeks that are about the same width, and chins that are a bit more narrow.

Go ahead and try just about any piece you'd like: hoops, chandeliers, studs or dangling mini-rings. Because you don't have too much roundness or many angles, just about any style suits you.


Just as its name implies, these faces are shaped like hearts, with foreheads that are wider than the cheeks and narrow chins. If you wear the wrong style, you can accentuate the narrowness of your chin and make it look almost pointy.

Instead, pick jewelry that is wider at the bottom and narrow at the top -- the opposite of how your face is shaped. This design helps to balance out that small chin and make it look bigger. Triangular-shaped pieces or small character or symbol-shaped earrings often work the best, but you can go with any style that is thin up top and wide at the bottom.


Diamonds may be a girl's best friend, but those with this face shape may have a difficult time finding earrings that complement their features. This facial design features cheeks that are wider than the forehead and chin. As a result, you want to look for jewelry that shows off those gorgeous cheekbones of yours.

Try wide earrings that feature shapes and curves. They draw the eyes to your cheeks and show them off. If you're not in the mood for dangles, try a pair of gorgeous studs. They will make you look fabulous, as well.


Cute cheeks are probably your best feature, but wearing the wrong jewelry can make them seem foo full. In order to draw attention to them in the best possible way, wear pieces that are long and streamlined. These baubles will help to draw out a typically short circle face, making those cheeks look sculpted, instead of chubby.

Chandelier pierced or clip on earrings also work well with a circle, and if you're looking for some edge, choose a pair that features sharp angles. For instance, lightening bolt-shaped pieces draw you out and make you look daring.


Rectangle shapes are comparable to square, but are a little longer. Just like with squares, rectangles should look for pieces that soften their bold edges.

Earrings that are thick or wide can give you the look you are going for, as can hoops. You can wear short or long earrings, since your face already has some length to it.

Finding the right earrings for your face shape may take some time, but it is definitely worth the effort.


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