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Today's business bags break all the rules of business boring!
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If fashion at work is your bag, make it a point to check out today's new looks

Congratulations!  You’ve landed your first job in the corporate world.  You’ll need to be in the meeting at 8am, on the Skype conference by 2pm, and flying cross country with your new laptop and cell phone for that business expo over the weekend.  While you’re at it, you’ll need a new wardrobe of business suits and professional attire. 

When it comes to fashion at work, we all know there are styles and brands that can help you to climb the career ladder, but these days, there is a whole new genre of fashion, comprised of accessories for a new technology-minded generation of professionals. 

These professional technology fashions include laptop cases and sleeves, briefcases, tote bags, portfolio cases, cell phone cases, camera cases, ipod cases, business card holders, hand bags and even luggage.  These days, fashion at work is a mix of high fashion and high technology and a cross between fashion and function, with an emphasis on durability and security. 

Carrying computers

With the move towards allowing (or requiring!) employees to bring their own computers to work to use for their daily work, finding an attractive laptop case is more important than ever. 

But when it comes to those often bulky devices, it's about more than just looks. You also need a bag that's sturdy, with room for power cords, flash drives and headphones, too. 

Fortunately, you can have all of that and still look chic. Brahmin, known for their classically stylish handbags has introduced a line of elegant laptop bags that have more in common with the fashion runway than the basic boring computer bags so many of us take for granted. 

Toting tablets

For many people, a tablet has taken the place of the larger laptop. But even with its more diminutive size, you do need a case to protect it as you arrive at work, head to meetings and leave for the day. 

You can choose the utilitarian basic black faux leather case, but why settle for blah when you can so easily find fabulous? You can choose gorgeous soft-as-butter leather tablet covers and cases, shiny stainless or titanium cases, vintage-looking floral cases or just-for-fun cartoon character tablet cases. You could even match your outfit with a cover-of-the-day! 

And for the rest of your gear....

For everything else you need to carry to and from work, from important papers to your cell phone, there's nothing quite like a brief case. 

No, these are not the rigid-sided, tacky vinyl cases of decades gone by. Today's oversized leather totes and brief cases are typically soft-sided to fit e-readers, phones, and even that extra pair of shoes for a lunchtime walk. 

And you're not stuck with boring brown, gross grey and blah black, either. It's easy to find briefcases in shiny red, bold prints or interesting textures. 

And don't forget...

There are other accessories that can do double duty as a functional carry piece and a lovely fashion item. Looking for a gym bag? Skip the ho-hum sports brand bags and look for something in your favorite color, a great material or an interesting shape. Do the same for purses, insulated lunch bags or coolers and cell phone cases. 

Hey, you have to carry it...so many sure everything you carry is awesome!

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