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ankle boots
Thick ankle boots go perfectly with long and lean legs
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Know how to choose boots and look amazing for every fashionable occasion

Boots are in no matter what the season. Tall styles with plush linings keep your legs toasty when the weather is chilly, and ankle-high styles give your look an edge in the warmer months.

However, there is a fashion strategy to use when selecting this footwear, and knowing how to to choose boots can leave you looking fashion-forward all year long.

According to Your Body Shape

Believe it or not, your body shape plays a role in just how good boots look on your feet. Women with long, slender legs look amazing with a pair of high-heeled ankle boots as a pivotal component of their ensemble. Ankle boots add width and bulk to legs, which means ladies who are slender can easily work this style into their wardrobe as a flattering footwear option.

Knee-high varieties that feature slim, stacked heels help a woman with shorter legs look as though she has a long, runway-worthy build. On the other hand, short and petite women should not choose from flat, no-heel types, as they often only emphasize just how petite she is.

Ladies with apple shaped-figures will do best selecting knee-high boots that feature chunky, stacked heels. If you have an hourglass figure, try out cone and wedge heels. Boots with these heel styles will complement your curves and accent a skinny waist.

According to Your Outfit

Unfortunately, not every boot looks good with every outfit. When choosing which style to wear, you'll have to take a variety of different factors into consideration, starting with what you are wearing on your lower half.

A few types of footwear go perfectly with slacks or jeans, including some boot styles. Tuck your pants into flat boots if they come up to your knees or calves. Shorter styles won't keep pants tucked in, and will end up looking sloppy. For a dressier option, wear skinny pants and tall boots that feature thin heels. This will show off your legs and make them look incredibly long.

You can wear the same types with a shorter skirt. Keep in mind that you don't want to look too revealing, but you also want to see a bit of leg between your boots and the skirt. You can always go with a long skirt and a flat heel, as well, but covering up a fabulous boot is a shame.

Very low-rise ankle boots, or "booties," look amazing with just about any style of clothing. Pants go well with booties, as you get the advantage of a stylish toe box and a solid heel, without having the full coverage of a tall shaft. However, not showing off this cute style with a short skirt or a pair of leggings should be a crime!

According to Your Experience

Although the pair that features the six-inch heel may be just what you think you've been missing all along, you might not be able to walk in them. If you've never worn shoes with such heels, you may very well be extremely disappointed -- and uncomfortable -- when it's time to walk around in them.

If you're dying to wear any type of great new footwear, but want to start with baby steps, try a flat heel or a wedge. The flat heel is a bit more casual, and is perfect for pants and leggings. You'd be hard-pressed to find a woman who can't make this style work with a huge portion of her wardrobe.

The next step would be choosing a wedge heel. Similar to flats, these are a little more sophisticated, as they feature heel height that can fit both casual and more formal outfits. Wedge heels are pretty simple to get around in, and make you look fashionable while you're doing it.

After you feel comfortable walking in increasingly higher heels, you can graduate to a truly high-heeled boot. Start with a thick, stacked heel, as they offer more support. Then slip to the cone heel and lastly, the thin, stacked heel. Similar to walking in stilettos, these are for the experienced fashionista only.

Knowing how to choose boots to go with your outfit, figure and comfort level makes you look your fashion-forward best.


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