How to find a bra that fits

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An ill-fitting band can wreak havoc on your appearance
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Knowing how to find a bra that fits makes you look and feel amazing

It has been said that an uncomfortable pair of shoes is a great way to ruin your day; however, some women would argue that an ill-fitting brassiere is even worse. If the garment is too big or too small, not only will it fail at giving you adequate support, it will likely annoy you, as well.

Knowing how to find a bra that fits improves your appearance, and allows you to get through the day feeling comfortable.

Get Measured

Some women assume they stay the same size for years and years, when actually, their measurements fluctuate. This means that they could wear the wrong size and not even know it, which is particularly disconcerting if they require bras of a bigger size. Women who have larger chest sizes can experience severe discomfort if they aren't adequately supported.

Avoid this error by going to a major department store and getting measured. A professional fitter can help you get into a brassiere that is right for you.

If you don't have time to get to the store, or feel uncomfortable allowing a stranger to measure your chest, you can perform the task yourself. Don't skip this step if you are ordering online.

Grab a soft measuring tape or strip, stand up straight and relax. Wrap the tape around yourself, just under your breasts. Locate the number, then add five. The figure you are left with is your band size. Round up to the next even number if you come out with a half size.

Wearing your bra, wrap the tape around the fullest part of your breasts, which is often the nipple area, to determine your cup size. Make sure the tape wraps entirely around your back. Once you find the measurement, subtract that number from your band size. For example, if your band size is 40 and your cup size is 37, you are left with three.

Determine your cup size by referring to the following guide: if you are left with zero, you are an AA cup. One is an A, two is a B, three is a C, four is a D, five is a DD and six is a DDD.

Armed with this new information, you can now find a brassiere that is stylish, supportive and comfortable.

Tips for Wearing

Not all bras are created equal, therefore, you can't solely rely on the size of the brassiere -- you must try it on. Even if the size indicates that it should fit properly, you can't always rely on the numbers.

Take a good look at the way the garment sits on your body after you have tried it on. If the cups look like they are too full, you should go up a cup size. However, if the cups look depleted, go down a size.

Back cleavage, or rolls of fat seen through your shirt, often make women think their bras are too small. However, it is often the contrary: the garments are too big. The strap should be worn lower on the back and in a smaller size. You'll likely be amazed at how wearing the right size completely eliminates the unsightly occurrence.

Additionally, if you have to deal with annoying straps that never seem to stay up, it could be due to a band that is too big. Choose a band that is a size smaller and the problem should go away.

Finding a Stylish Brassiere

Consider yourself lucky if you are able to go to a store and find your exact size. Some women don't have this luxury and are forced to look high and low to find garments that fit properly, particularly those with larger breasts. However, a variety of websites are dedicated to supplying such customers with brassieres that not only offer the support they need, but supply items that are stylish and sexy, as well.

You may be surprised at how many women don't know how to find a bra that fits. However, having this knowledge at your disposal allows you to look amazing, and feel comfortable, too.


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