How to look good in yoga pants

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woman in chakras by didi yoga pants
Flattering fit in a good color is key
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Here's how to look good in yoga pants for the fashion conscious woman

There’s no doubt yoga pants have exceeded sweat pants in popularity. They’re a weekend go-to whether you’re planning on hitting the yoga mat or not. Soft, stretchy and comfortable with an elastic waist … they sound too good to be true. So what’s the catch?

Take a look around next time you’re at the farmer’s market or walking the dog. Forget about how good your favorite pair makes you feel and take note of how they actually look on other people. Odds are you’re going to see either some sagging or fabric stretched so taut panty lines steal the show.

Not everyone knows how to look good in yoga pants. It’s true. Pulling off this effortless, sporty yoga style does take a little effort. 

Not all pairs are created equal

Pay attention to the thickness of the material and make sure it’s sweat-wicking. Cheaper pairs are typically made from thinner fabric, which is fine for yoga class, but not ideal for walking around town. Combine thin fabric with a too-tight fit and you’ll be showing a lot more of your business than intended.

Size matters

At least when it comes to this style, size does matter. If you really want to know how to look good in yoga pants figure out your correct size. Retailers and brands don’t make this easy. A size 4 at one place may be the exact same measurement of a “size 6” at another thanks to the arbitrary way women's clothes are sized.

You’d be surprised to know how many people buy these pants in the wrong size, usually way too small. Just because you can get them on doesn’t mean they fit. Consult sizing charts if buying online or bring a friend along for a second in-store opinion.

A perfect fit: A high waist is ideal if you practice yoga. This way you won’t have to adjust between poses or worry about revealing too much when you move into forward bends. They should feel form-fitting, but not restrictive and you should be able to take them off with ease. If you have to peel them off they’re too tight.

Length matters, too

Some styles of long pants flare below the knee. If they’re too long, the poor hem gets stepped on, dragged through dirt and quickly frays. Hem the bottoms if necessary or stick with Capri style.

Walk the walk

Remember that this style has a purpose. The reason they hug the body the way they do is because they’re designed for movement. This is what you wear to yoga class. Skip the makeup and jewelry so you look like there’s a downward dog or warrior pose in your near future (even if there isn't).

Check for panty lines

Yoga clothes are wonderful for so many reasons – they make you feel comfortable with the size you are, they make every bum look firm and shapely, you can sit on a couch and kind of feel athletic. A huge part of their appeal is how they accentuate and firm up your shape. Unless you're sporting panty lines.

Visible panty lines are yoga pant kryptonite. Look in the mirror before leaving the home. In a worst case scenario, throw on the long sweatshirt or tee that’ll cover you.

Steer clear of neutrals

The simplest answer to how to look good in yoga pants is all about color. Dark shades are your safest most versatile choice. Bright colors and certain pastels like pink and green look fantastic when paired with a contrasting top. Avoid nudes, white, off-white and any shade that could be mistaken for your skin tone at all cost.

Love them and they’ll love you back

Athletic clothes are built to sustain the wear and tear of frequent washings, but take care to follow the instructions. Improper washing can cause them to shrink, stretch out, pill or fade. 

Know when to say ba-bye

It’s a sad fact of life that no pair of yoga pants can last forever. When the waist starts sliding down or knees always look like they’re protruding it is time to move on. You shared many good times together, now let them go.

Look on the bright side. Purging leaves room in your drawer for a new pair. Time to shop!

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