How to style a graphic tee

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Here's how to style a graphic tee for any occasion

Graphic tee shirts are fashion’s best answer to those days when you can’t find a thing to wear, however crowded your closet may be. Have no fear. All it takes to put together a variety of outfits with this versatile wardrobe staple is a touch of inspiration.

The secret to knowing how to style a graphic tee is in achieving the right combination of sizing and styling. It also helps to make note of how other women work a playful casual tee into a chic ensemble. Taylor Swift, Rihanna and Sarah Jessica Parker are a few of the many celebs building outfits around bold tees.

Ready to work this? Check out these tips before diving in to the wonderful world of cool comfort.

Dress it up with structured jacket

Contrast is a beautiful thing in fashion. That’s why structured jackets were basically created to pair with this type of top. As long as the jacket is a perfect, almost tailored fit, you have some leeway on the shirt sizing, though fitted to loose work best.

If structured jackets are new to you, start basic with a dark color and classic cut. Pair this with jeans or fitted slacks, sneakers or boots. If you decide to tuck the top in wear a wide belt for definition.

Pair with matching bottoms

A bold top will stand out most when worn with crisp jeans that match the base color of the shirt - meaning if the shirt is mostly white, wear white pants, too. Opt for a slightly darker shade for variation and a looser fit up top. Complete the outfit with sandals and a casual hair style.

With a skirt

Not all graphic shirts are silly. Some are artsy, edgy or beautiful. Choose one that fits you like a glove and rock it with a denim or patterned pencil skirt. As long as the color combinations are in the same family, this will be eye-catching for all the right reasons.

Wear this with basic flats or heels so the attention stays on the outfit. If the skirt is on the short side, tuck the shirt in for neatness.

Fun with jewelry

A sneaky trick in styling a graphic tee is to turn up the volume elsewhere in the ensemble. When you’re casual up top, add some edge elsewhere with a stack of metal bracelets. Play up the playfulness of a cute top with an over-sized ring or colorful charm bracelet. 

Keep it cool

One of the coolest ways to look hot in a casual t-shirt is by layering it with a long, loose skirt and chunky necklace. Add a fitted leather jacket or open knit cardigan and you’re ready for whatever the day or night may have in store. 

If you have long hair, pull it up in a top bun or pin it back for clean look that shows just the right amount of effort. This style is perfect for hitting up the farmers market or enjoying an outdoor festival with fashionable ease.

Casual classic

Remember why we love tees so much in the first place – they’re simple, cozy and flattering without trying too hard. No pairing captures this better than shorts and a laid back messenger bag. This makes a cute outfit for school, friendly get-togethers and even outdoorsy dates.

Fashion is more fun when you mix things up. Graphic shirts add a surprising twist to many different types of outfits. Experiment with how to style a graphic tee, and see for yourself that there really are no rules, which is good because tee shirt days are meant to be carefree.

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