Outfits to wear with scarves

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A scarf is often just what your outfit needs
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A variety of outfits to wear with scarves are chic and stylish

The scarf is perhaps the most under-utilized fashion accessory. These gorgeous pieces of fabric provide you will endless possibilities when it comes to your look. They can be used both for warmth and for style, and add color and texture to your appearance, as well.

If you're looking for outfits to wear with scarves, you have many fashionable selections you can pull together from your own closet.

Simple Dress

Do you have a pretty dress that needs a little something? If so, a scarf could be the solution. Spice up a boring neckline and add a pop of texture and design by slipping your accessory around your neck.

Another way to utilize the fabric is by wrapping it around your waist. If your dress is a little more baggy than you'd like, it can make you look heavy. However, you can show off your figure and add definition to your mid-section by placing the fabric around your waist, and tying it into a knot. Slip the fabric around so that the knot is on your side to add even more style.

Solid-colored dresses typically work best with the accessory, as it doesn't have printed fabric to compete with. Try a dark dress with a soft pastel-colored scarf. Such a color contrast adds excitement to your appearnce and leaves you looking fashionable.  


Turtlenecks aren't exactly exciting. However, when you pair these tops with fabulous scarves, you take them from frumpy to fabulous. A gorgeous, eye-catching scarf can make your outfit the center of attention and give new life to the turtleneck.

Pick a solid-colored turtleneck and pair the piece with dark skinny jeans. If you don't feel comfortable wearing such a jean, go with a boot-cut or other form-fitting style. The goal of this outfit is to make you look sleek and chic, and wearing baggy jeans creates a sloppy appearance.

A pair of heels or pointy-toed boots goes well with this look, as does your scarf. Wrapping the accessory around your neck draws attention to the upper part of your body and ultimately, your face. Choose a design that features colors that complement your clothing, and you're ready to go. Such a look can be worn on a variety of occasions, including casual Friday at work, a date or lunch with friends.

To make your outfit a bit more formal, pair your turtleneck with a skirt, dark hose and knee-high boots. You could also wear wide-legged pants, provided your turtleneck is quite form-fitting. Now you can wear your turtleneck and scarf and feel confident your look is appropriate for more stately affairs.

White Button-Down Shirt

The white button-down shirt is a classic. This top is worn in both casual and more formal settings, and you'll likely see it paired with jeans, skirts, slacks or even shorts. The only problem with this piece of clothing is that it can use some excitement.

Add color and style to your shirt with a short scarf. The accessory adds color to your plain shirt and makes the neckline more interesting.

Sure, you could choose fabric that is solid; however, choosing one that features a fun print is even better. Polka-dots or paisley patterns add a modern flair to the look, as does pairing it with flats and a headband.

If these patterns aren't what you are looking for, choose another gorgeous variety that complements your outfit's color palette. Dark bottoms add a chicness to the look that is perfect for just about any outing. 

When you think about it, so many outfits to wear with scarfs are available, that the possibilities are endless, and once you start wearing the fabric, you likely won't be able to stop.


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