Stores on 5th Avenue: where to start

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Breakfast at Tiffany's still
You can't overdress for a stroll on Fifth Avenue
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A guide to shopping 5th Avenue's top stores

Stores on 5th Avenue can make you feel as glamorous as Holly Golightly or plain overwhelmed. Determining the top stores to visit before you travel will help you make the most of your time once you're in New York City. While 5th Avenue extends from Washington Square Park in Greenwich Village to the Harlem River at 142nd Street, many of the not-to-miss stores are in Midtown within a short walk of each other. 

While not technically a sport, shopping in NYC is a strenuous task. If you leave the first store of the day with an armload of bulky shopping bags, don't be surprised to find yourself questioning the heavy purchases once it hits noon and your biceps are burning. The trick is to save any large or heavy purchases for last. 

Start at the stores on 5th Avenue that you're most excited about so you can explore the selections and atmosphere while your energy is at its peak. Here are a few stores on 5th Avenue to plan your shopping trip around. 

Tiffany&Co. - 5th Avenue at 57th Street

See for yourself why Tiffany's has lit up shoppers' radars since it moved to 5th Ave. in 1940. This iconic jewelry store delivers glitz and glamour in signature blue gift boxes that won't weigh you down. Browsers get an eyeful of fine jewelry in the first floor cases. Venture to the upper levels if you're in the market for engagement rings, wedding invitations or men's cufflinks and watches.

Nearby - Check out Henri Bendel across the street on 56th Street for a selection of high end undergarments, accessories, fashion and beauty products from some of fashion's hottest up-and-coming stars. 

Saks Fifth Avenue - 5th Avenue and 50th Street

It would be mighty irresponsible to neglect a store with 5th Avenue in the title. Located across from Rockefeller Center, Saks offers ten floors of luxury home goods, fashion, shoes and accessories. Dodge the trigger-happy perfume sprinklers throughout the first floor and head upstairs for outerwear and designer labels. Stop off on the 8th floor for lunch if you need a rest.

Nearby- American Girl 49th Street will transport you to a world ruled by girls and the dolls they adore. If you're all stocked up on doll furniture, clothing, accessories and books, enjoy a treat in the café or a theatre performance featuring the season's most popular dolls.

Bergdorf Goodman - 5th Avenue and 58th Street

Fashionistas find all of their favorite labels without the hubbub of most department stores at Bergdorf Goodman. You'll find eight spacious floors organized into separate fashion and accessory boutiques. After trying items from some of your favorite designers' newest lines, take a breather in the beauty section and behold over 30 lines of cosmetics and beauty products.

Nearby - Stop by FAO Schwarz right across the street at 58th, just don't think you'll pop in and out in 5 minutes. With a vast array of stuffed animals, deluxe train sets, a baby doll nursery and dress-up play clothes, this is a toy store to explore whether you're a parent or simply in need of a recess.

Nearby - The front door of FAO is approximately twenty-five paces from the 5th Avenue Apple store, which is surprisingly easy to miss. Built underground, the entrance is a massive glass cube with a glass stairwell. Whether you're in the market for one of Apple's signature products or not, this 24-hour operation lets you test-drive new technology or simply marvel at its striking presence.

Metropolitan Museum of Art Gift Store - 5th Ave. and 82nd Street

Stores on 5th Avenue make it far too easy to spend a whole day in New York without ever feeling like you're really in the city. A visit to the Met Gift Shop in the Metropolitan Museum of Art will change all that. In addition to apparel and accessories, the store carries unique stationary, kids craft kits, books, jewelry and art prints. Enjoy lunch in the museum's casual café with floor to ceiling windows looking out over Central Park.

Nearby - Exit the museum and head directly into Central Park. Walk west toward Shakespeare's Gardens, south toward the Central Park Zoo or toward the center of the park for ultimate people watching on the Promenade.

If you get lost, step inside a store or ask a street vendor for directions. Asking tourists for directions is a sure way to send yourself on an unintended tour of Midtown.

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