Styling short African American hair

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Give your short hair some oomph by adding curls
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Styling short African American hair is a snap with the right tools

For Black women, one of the best ways to showcase a gorgeous neck and face is to don a cropped coif. However, styling a short 'do isn't as easy as you may think it is. Styling short African-American hair can present many challenges, as you typically need to use a variety of different styling tools to keep it in place. Fortunately, you can get a perfect short look with the help of a few tricks.

Condition Your Coif

African-American hair has a tendency to be on the brittle and dry side. Additionally, many of the styling tools you use, such as curling or flat irons and blow dryers, can get your tresses terribly dry as well.

To nix the damage and to keep your locks hydrated, wash with a moisturizing cleanser. The cleanser not only removes oil and dirt, but hydrates as well. Use a conditioner after each wash and deep condition once a week. Doing so keeps your style soft, hydrated and manageable.

Protection is Key

Staying away from heated tools is almost impossible. However, you can keep your hair safe when you do use these products by spraying it with a thermal protective spray. This innovative product protects your tresses from the heat, which can prevent damage. Mist your entire head with the spray before you use your blow dryer or your curling or flat iron. This way, you can still rock that gorgeous coif but you won't have to suffer from the damaging side effects.

Hot in a Headband

Showcase your face while looking adorable by rocking a headband. Your short style will look extremely cute when complemented by a headband.

To place the headband, start by brushing your hair back so that it is flat. Then sit the headband on your forehead and push it back until it is about even with your ears. You can leave your style like this, or you can create little flips on the back of your head with a curling iron. Flipping your ends up creates a flirty look that adds texture to your 'do. Choose a clear headband to look even more sleek.

Brushed to the Side

To create a super chic and sleek look, try brushing to the side. Make a deep side part and brush the front portion to the side. You'll make instant side-swept bangs that add a totally new dimension to your look.

Keep everything in place by using some light gel and flat iron your mane first to get it looking super straight. This look is really amazing when you have some highlights running through.

Curly Coif

Short and curly textures can be a recipe for disaster, but not when you use the right tools and techniques. If you have used relaxer, go ahead and spritz some thermal spray on your locks, then go at it with a curling iron. Attempt to create ravishing ringlets throughout your entire 'do. Once you are satisfied with the look, spray a fine misting of light holding spray to keep the curls intact.

If your texture is already curly, define those curls by working some silicon-based gel or styling cream through. It will get those curls looking gorgeous and you looking foxy, as well.

Short African-American looks can be easy and attractive when you know what to do and which tools help you get the right look. With some imagination and creativity, you can look stylish and totally gorgeous, and rock your short style in confidence.


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