What do you wear with leggings over 40?

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What Do You Wear With Leggings Over 40

Leggings are one of those items both young and old can wear and with aplomb. They are flattering, comfortable and come in a host of different patterns, designs and colors. 

What do you wear with leggings over 40? You probably donít want to go all Hollywood and wear them with a crop top and then again maybe you do if you have a slamming body and live in an area where women show off their bodacious bodies no matter what their age. For the rest of us ... a little less skin exposure is desired.

In the fall and winter, tights are warm and cozy and allow you to wear short skirts and dresses throughout the cold weather months without freezing off your tush. They are also masterful at disguising hairy legs, bruised or otherwise banged up gams or unattractive legs.

On the other hand, if you have great, curvy legs, tights show them off to their best advantage. Dark color tights are slenderizing so donít worry about thunder thighs or "cankles." However, leggings may emphasize large calves so take that into consideration.

Wear them with a long, loose fitting tunic or under a skirt or dress. If you donít have the best body in town, and are apple or pear shaped, the leggings show off your legs but the long tunic or sweater hides the belly. This kind of legwear looks particularly good when combined with long, asymmetrical tops; long, knitted sweaters including cardigans, sweater dresses, short dresses, and boots. 

Most women over the age of 40 do not wear tights as stand-alone pants but rather as a complement and layer to a dress, skirt or tunic top.

Leggings and tights are basically the same except the former are generally thicker than latter. You may have also heard the term jeggings, which are tight stretch denim designed to look like tight jeans.  


Some tights are full length, which lengthens the leg, whereas others stop right beneath the knee or at the calf. Shorter women should avoid mid calf or right-below the knee tights because they may make you look even shorter than you are.


When picking out tights, choose non-shiny fabric, opaque fabric that is relatively thick, which conceals bulges. Black is the standard go-to color. You canít go wrong. Of course, if you are heading to the gym, tights are perfectly fine on their own and if you choose to wear a flamboyant geometric and colorful design that's certainly appropriate for working out.

You can, of course, wear printed and patterned tights. Wear them with a long top, knee high or ever the knee high boots, just exposing a hint of the pattern. 


Carefully consider your footwear. Flats? Boots? Heels? Try on different shoes, look in the mirror and decide which looks the best.

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