What should a girl wear to a Jimmy Buffett concert

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Here's what a girl should wear to a Jimmy Buffett concert to look cool

Jimmy Buffett fans are pros at both dressing like devoted parrotheads and having a good time. From tailgating before the big the show, to singing along with old favorites, these concerts are all about the party. If youíve never been to one youíre in for a fun treat.

First, we must talk clothes. Many first timers wonder what should a girl wear to a Jimmy Buffett concert. You canít go wrong with the three Cs: casual, colorful and comfortable. This is good time, beachy music so dress like youíre going to the best beach party ever.

Need more specifics?


Youíll fit right in with an Aloha shirt. Thatís right, these arenít just for men. Women wear them buttoned up or open with a tube or tank top underneath. Paired with white shorts or a white skirt and sandals and loose hair, youíll look like a regular. If you want to go all out, slip on a grass skirt and pin a tropical flower in your hair (nobody needs to know itís not real).

Who cares?

In the spirit of not caring what anybody thinks, throw on a big straw hat, a sailorís hat or anything else you can find thatíll likely stay on your head. Nothing says "Iím off to dance to beach country rock music" like a crazy hat that makes you smile.


The most important answer to what should a girl wear to a Jimmy Buffett concert is a giant smile. You will stick out like a sore thumb if you forget to wear a smile. Everybody is happy at a Jimmy Buffet concert; itís a fact. Throw on a garland of flowers or a lei, your favorite sunglasses and whatever else will keep you smiling till the first verse gets you swaying.

Comfortable shoes

Whatís the first shoe that comes to mind when you think laid back comfort? Thatís right, crocs. Flip-flips and sandals are wonderful too, but poor choices for any live music show where people dance and toes get stepped on. Crocs protect the toes. Theyíre also way more comfortable than naysayers imagine and they embody what it is to live carefree. 

Tee shirts

Tee shirts under Aloha shirts are a fairly common sight. These typically feature logos of beer brands, trucks or whatever else you like. Fans donít judge unless youíre wearing jeans. Jeans are a big no, unless theyíre in the form of shorts and underneath a grass skirt, of course.


One error first timers often make is dressing for the concert, not the party. Tailgating prior to the show is a huge part of why people have so much fun at the show. Remember, there are no opening bands or opening activities at a Buffett show. The party in the parking lot is where you meet fellow Parrotheads, show off your hula hooping skills and enjoy some fun in the sun.

Wear sunglasses and loads of sunscreen so you donít have to squint the whole time or go home looking like a lobster.

Fanny pack

Fanny packs are hot again, didnít you hear? Nothing accentuates your waist like a sack strapped around your middle. Okay, maybe theyíre not the flirtiest of accessories, but they sure are useful. Theyíll hold everything you need Ė money, identification, extra leis and flamingo glasses Ė while youíre arms stay free.

Now that you know what should a girl wear to a Jimmy Buffett concert, take note on a few Jimmy Buffett tour tips. Arrive about 4-5 hours before show time to thoroughly enjoy and soak in the scene. Enjoy, sing along when you want to and donít forget that smile.

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