What to wear when cleaning

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Some projects require special cleaning gear
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Knowing what to wear when cleaning keeps you safe and looking good

People don't often think about what they are going to wear when they clean, but perhaps they should. You are exposed to a variety of contaminates when you scrub everything from the bathroom to the driveway, including dust and mold, which can cause you to become sick.

When you know what to wear when cleaning, you can keep yourself safe.


You should always keep your legs protected when you are cleaning. You never know what you may encounter, especially if you're not cleaning in your own home, or if you are cleaning outdoors. Fleas, ticks, spiders and even bed bugs, along with a host of other pests, can crawl on you without you even noticing.

When you have pants protecting you, however, you can prevent getting bit or even taking the creatures back to your home. Go for something thick, such as denim. The fabric will likely prevent your legs from becoming bait and can keep them covered if you encounter a dangerous substance.

Looking like you know what to wear for the job you have to do is fashionable, and a pair of work-friendly bibs or coveralls for heavy duty outdoor jobs is just smart. In cold weather, or when working in spaces that may not be heated, sturdy coveralls will also protect you from the elements.


Forget wearing open-toed sandals or flip flops here; your feet need protection. Go for shoes that are comfortable and made of thick and durable fabric, such as leather. They should completely cover your entire foot and give your ankle proper support.

Wearing protective shoes or work boots can protect your toes in case you drop something heavy on them. Additionally, they can keep the bottoms of your feet safe if you step on something sharp. When shoes are comfortable and provide support, you can keep your feet, legs and back feeling good for the day.


Keeping your upper body safe while cleaning is just as important as keeping the rest of you protected. For this reason, you don't want to don your tank top or short-sleeved shirt. Leaving your arms exposed puts you at risk for coming into contact with items you probably would rather not.

Just like bugs can crawl on your legs, they can crawl on your arms, as well, and bite you. Wearing long sleeves cuts down on that risk. Additionally, some cleaning products are harsh and can harm your skin if they come in contact with each other. Keeping your arms covered with fabric may prevent them from becoming harmed.

Choose thick, but comfortable fabric when choosing what to wear. A cotton shirt is light enough for you to be able to work in, but thick enough to give your skin some protection. Additionally, this type of fabric is usually easy to clean and keep looking presentable.


Your hands will probably come in contact with more contaminates while cleaning than your entire body will. For this reason, wearing gloves is a good idea. Keeping your hands covered can prevent them from touching contact with dust, mold, dirt and other unsavory items.

Wearing gloves also keeps your hands from touching any harsh cleaning products you are using. The gloves can also keep your hands from damage. Cleaning without skin protection can make your nails look rough and your skin look dry and weathered.

Wearing rubber gloves, like those worn by medical professionals, is your best bet, as you can still move your fingers with ease. Just make sure to steer clear of latex gloves if you have a sensitivity towards it.

If these gloves aren't durable enough for you, go with rubber dishwashing gloves. They are a little rigid, but you can still clean with them, which keeps your hands and skin safe.

Now that you know what to wear when cleaning, you can go ahead and scrub, while still looking good and keeping yourself safe.


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