What to wear when going out

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skirt suit
Skirt suits are appropriate for a variety of settings
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Choosing what to wear when going out is all about feeling confident

The way you project yourself speaks volumes, which is why people often take much care and consideration into deciding what to wear when going out. Not only do you want to dress in what complements your body shape, but you also want to think about how you will be seen, and feel comfortable and confident in your appearance, as well.

Professional/Formal Setting

When you are going to a setting in which you should look professional or formal, or simply want to look nice, consider wearing a skirt suit.

Women's suits are classy and elegant at the same time. Such attire usually features fabric that complements your shape, without being too revealing. This combination is ideal for a professional or modest setting, such as work or church.

Even if you are going to a business meeting or interview, a skirt suit is ideal, as it oozes sophistication and allows you to feel and look confident, all at the same time.

However, suits are also perfect for going out with friends or on a date. Whenever you want to look nice and feel enthused about your appearance, reach for such a suit.

To top off the look, reach for a stylish hat. You don't have to leave these elegant head adornments for your friends across the pond; hats work great with suits on just about any occasion, particularly at church and on holidays. 

Best of all, hats can accent your outfit, therefore, choose one that matches the style and color concept you are working with. Hats can also cover up any hair that has decided not to behave that day, making your uncooperative coif a secret to everyone but you.

Casual Attire

Even though you aren't required to dress up for a casual occasion, you still want to look presentable and stylish. You can accomplish this goal with a variety of looks.

Depending on the weather, you have many different options at your disposal. Warm temperatures allow you to show off a little more skin, whereas more coverage is typically required for cooler seasons.

A spring or summer look that is perfect for just about any occasion is shorts and a top. Shorts that hit around the knee or just above are appropriate for almost every setting. Avoid anything that is shorter, as you will likely look too revealing.

The type of shorts you select depends on the type of look you are going for. If shorts and a T-shirt is your idea of perfection, choose board shorts. If you want something a little more sophisticated, go with a short-sleeved blouse. This top combined with shorts around the knee and a pair of heels is smart and sophisticated, as well as chic. 

In the cooler temperatures you can wear jeans with a sweater or blouse. Again, you can choose to look either casual or more sophisticated depending on the types of pieces you select.

Skinny jeans and heels are classy when paired with a blouse or sweater. You can even wear a tight-fitting top and blazer or shrug with this look and appear dazzling.

Boots and a sweater are also an option when looking to stay warm and feel comfortable at the same time. Choose knee-length boots with tighter jeans and tuck the fabric inside the shoes to look casual chic.

Leggings are also an option for the cooler months. When paired with a sweater and riding boots, you have a look that is perfect for a date, lunch with the girls, a trip to the grocery store or just about any occasion.

The most important factor in deciding what to wear when going out is selecting attire you feel comfortable in. If you don't feel confident in your appearance, your mood and experience will likely become affected negatively as a result. When you are excited about what you are wearing, you'll ooze confidence, which makes the situation better for just about everyone.

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