What to wear with a short skirt

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Look hot in a mini skirt
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Know what to wear with a short skirt on any occasion for a stylish attitude

Women everywhere know how good it feels to wear an outfit that complements their body. This can happen with just about any article of clothing from jeans to a maxi dress.

As separates, skirts take a bit more thought. The higher the hem, the more selective we should be about what goes up top. Knowing what to wear with a short skirt (and what not to) keeps fashion fun and easy.

Since miniskirts show plenty of leg, they pair best with pretty tops that arenít too revealing. Beyond that, confidence is a key factor. Keep in mind where youíre heading - work, school, a date or out with friends Ė as this will guide you in selecting appropriate outfits.

What to wear with a short skirt to work


Pay attention to the length of your sweater or blouse. If you donít plan on tucking it into the skirt, the top should fall at the waistline or just below Ė any longer will accentuate the shortness of your skirt, or worse, make it look as if you forgot to put one on.

A great work blouse should fit like a glove, but not a tight one. Button downs, scoop necks, turtlenecks and V-necks adds classic structure so you look polished. If the skirt is patterned, wear a solid top. Contrast the colors s they pop rather than look matchy matchy.


Miniskirts elongate your legs so the shoes donít have to. Pair this fabulous work outfit with strappy kitten heels (if you must do heels), ballet flats or knee boots.


Pull this outfit together with minimal jewelry and opaque tights in cold weather. If the top is solid, a silver or gold necklace will add a little shine, while chunky necklaces bring out the spirit of a bright top.

Date Night


The way you present yourself on a date, whether itís a first or 1000th, means something. He's already attracted to you, but putting yourself together shows you care. The same no-cleavage with a mini rule applies here, too, but you can certainly be more adventurous.

In warm weather, a simple sleeveless shirt or patterned tank top looks cool and confident without trying too hard. Layer up with a cropped jacket or cardigan.


Wedge sandals or flip flops will give this flirty ensemble an extra playful touch. If you can pull them off, cowboy boots are always a hot way to go.


The minute he sees you, your date will know youíre looking good. Keep his attention on your face with some dangle earrings or a short necklace.

Out on the town


No need to think too hard when youíre going out with the girls. Not too revealing or busy, but not too stuffy either. Sweaters look great with skirts, as do embroidered tops , lace tanks and simple patterns like stripes or polka dots. As a default, t-shirts look fantastic with almost any mini.


With the exception of running shoes, wear what you always do. Flats, wedge sandals, comfy heels and even casual slip-ons give any cute outfit an everyday feel.

Last look tips

Before you head out the door, letís look at a few quick fashion tips on what to wear with a short skirt!  

  • Waxing your legs will give you long-lasting smoothness.  
  • Wear sunscreen! Exposing your legs to the sun may feel good, but legs burn easy and your shadow doesnít count as shade. Take a mini sunscreen with you to re-apply.  
  • Pair minis with knee socks and Mary Janes for a super cute retro look.  
  • Short skirts come in all shapes and sizes, like women. Choose the right one for your body shape.  
  • If youíre tall, pay extra attention in the dressing room. Longer skirts will look short on you, but minis wonít always keep you as covered as youíd hope.

Short skirts never really go out of style. You can wear them at any age to almost any occasion and look absolutely beautiful. 


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