What to wear with tube skirts

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Mix loose with fitted for a stylish look
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Knowing what to wear with tube skirts takes your fashion to the next level

If you're looking for a killer way to show off your bottom half, a tube skirt definitely does the trick. These skirts cling to all the right places, and are short enough to give your legs the proper attention they deserve.

The only trick to wearing these fashionable items is you may not know what to wear with tube skirts.

Fortunately, you have a variety of options.

Professional Look

Depending on the skirt, you may or may not get away with wearing it to the office. Tube skirts are skin- tight and typically on the short side. If you work in a conservative office, stay away from them. However, if your workplace environment is more leniant, you can probably rock one.

Play up the professionalism and tone down the sexy by pairing your tube skirt with a cami or tank with a blazer overtop. Choose a pretty and feminine tank or cami that covers your decolletage and is oh-so-gorgeous. Then slip into a fitted blazer. The blazer makes you look professional and hides your figure a little.

Since you already have a tight-fitting skirt on, you don't want to wear something that is tight up top when you are at work doing so might be a bit too scandalous. Instead, you make your outfit stylish and professional at the same time with the blazer and cami combo.

Fun and Funky

Pay tribute to the 1980s by rocking some leggings with your tube skirt. The '80s is known for its music and fashion, and this is one look that translates to today.

Slip into a pair of fun leggings. You can choose black or get really funky with it and slip on a bright color. Toss on a tank top or a T-shirt. You can even cover it with a jean jacket or another blazer.

Of course, you can't leave your feet out of the picture. Wearing a pair of flats or low-top sneakers totally goes with the look and is super comfy. The most important part of pulling off this look is to have fun with it. Expect to get some looks, as you can't wear an outfit like this and not get a few stares.

Sexy and Sassy

If you are ready to put your body on display, a tube skirt certainly does the trick. When you want to dance the night away or simply hang with your girls, you can go with a look like this.

Wear a sexy fitted shirt, like a tank or cami, and that's all you need. Your curves will be the center of attention, so you have to feel super confident and expect to get some stares when you don this look. You can always throw a shrug over your shoulders to cover things up a little, but there's really no hiding when you wear this tight outfit.

Complete this sexy look by pairing it with some killer stilettos. They will make your legs look even longer. However, you've got to make sure you can dance and walk in them. You don't want to fall and break an ankle wearing these hot shoes.

Date Look

For a perfect date look, go ahead and rock that sexy tube skirt. However, you don't want to look too revealing, so skip the tight-fitting shirts for this one. Instead, go with a sexy, but looser-fitting blouse. You'll balance out the clingy bottom with a shirt that doesn't reveal all the goods. However, this doesn't mean you won't look smokin' hot. Slip into a pair of killer heels and you're good to go.

A variety of options are available for wearing a tube skirt. And now that you know what to wear with tube skirts, you can rock any of these looks and know you are fashionable and hot.


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