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Playards keep baby safe and provide a comfy place to nap.
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Take a look at these innovative baby care products for a peak at what's new

When you start exploring all the new stuff for babies, you find that the latest baby products expos are proof that products to help care for your new little miracle are always evolving. From how you clean up their messes to how they learn new ways to become independent, these products make your mother wish she had them when you were little!

Take a look at some of the more innovative ways inventors are making momsí and dadsí lives easier.

Letís start with the playards.They help keep your little ones safe and contained while you tend to dinner when they are in the running around your house stage or even as a cozy place to nap when they are really little. Parents often take them when they visit their families in other places.

The best thing about the current models is that they are almost completely washable. Yes, our kiddoes are the cutest, but they can also be the messiest. Have the option to zip off the cover and toss it into the washing machine is a helpful detail that has finally become a reality.

Exploring whatís new in baby care products takes one in many different directions, from things that help mom to things that help baby.

A company called Puj Filla created a simple set of childproof cups that hang on your refrigerator just above the ice water dispenser. This reduces the number of baby cups strewn around your house and encourages even the youngest child to put his cup away (back on the hook) when heís done so it will be ready for his next drink. (You can simply grab it, wash it and put it back when heís not looking!)

Another cool product is the Boon Nosh. Itís not just another snack holder, but has a cover that allows kids to reach in to get their snacks while keeping it from spilling and spreading snack shrapnel everywhere.

For those cold days when you have to pop the baby into the car to drive an older child to school, for example, here is a cool baby care product that avoids your having to fashion baby blankets into covers and let the babyís back sit in the cold carseat. The Nido baby carrier cover from 7AM Enfant is a product that fully encases your child in cuddly warmth yet allows you to strap him or her into their seat comfortably. This is one of those must-have in baby products especially exciting for those of us who live in the Northeast and colder areas where it is almost impossible to warm up the car enough on an early morning snowy school day. You donít even need a coat when you put this on your child. Just wrap your tot and strap him in his carseat. Itís that easy.

Now, for you moms out there who want to get their girlish figures back as soon as possible, this is whatís new in baby care products, but for you! The Mama Strut's Pelv-Ice looks like bicycle shorts, but has places to hold ice packs or hot packs to help heal ease discomfort and help support the abdomen and back to help you get back to your previous self.

While you are still pregnant, you can also protect your unborn child from the effects of radiation by wearing Belly Armorís variety of apparel and apparel that is said to protect your baby from everyday radiation. The Belly Blanket, for example, sits across your lap while you use your laptop or can be tossed across your belly whenever you want protection.  

There are a number of cool baby care products on the market today for those expectant mommies looking for help caring for their little ones. From pre-delivery options such as apparel to newborn care and even items to help your toddlers figure out how to do things for themselves, these are just some of the many products to explore.

Being a mom isnít always easy, so let these innovative items help you get started.

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