Where to wear those super sexy swimsuits

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Here's where to wear those super sexy swimsuits to make a fashion splash

You finally found the swimsuit that fits like a slinky glove, accentuating all the right places. Now you want to wear it everywhere, but that beach vacation has come and gone. Donít worry Ė there are plenty of styling tricks to help you get more mileage from the seasonís sexiest suits. 

Wondering where to wear those super sexy swimsuits? Letís start with the most obvious places, including oceans, lakes, rivers and other large bodies of water. Douse on the sunscreen and savor warm days swimming in cool water. Take a walk along the waterline and enjoy the sights and sensation of ocean breezes on bare skin.

Pool season

If you donít live near a large body of water, always pack a swimsuit when you travel. Many hotels have pools and patios or roof decks that open up to stunning views. Donít feel like swimming? Grab a fruity beverage at the bar and people watch in a lounge chair. 

Depending on your destination, some hotels take their pool culture to the next level. Las Vegas has an entire pool season. Visit during this time and youíll have countless answers to where to wear those super sexy swimsuits.  Events include pool parties with DJs that are basically club nights in a pool with dancing, drinks and music.

To plan your trip, check hotel events pages ahead of time. In Vegas, hotels open for pool season as early as the first week of March. Or you can take a break from shoveling dead leaves in November or snow in February and head down to South Beach, Florida with your sexiest swimwear and an appetite for fresh seafood.

In public

Sadly, we canít all just jet off to Vegas or Florida whenever the urge to bare more than usual strikes. Wherever you are, summer is prime swimsuit wearing time. For going out at night, tie a sarong or light scarf over your flattering swimwear for a touch more coverage. If it gets a little chilly, throw on a light jacket or over-sized sweat shirt long enough to cover your butt.

For a night of dinner and dancing, strapless dresses are extremely flattering and flirty. Strapless bras can sometimes be a pain to deal with though. Why not wear your strapless bikini top underneath instead? You know itíll stay up and support you. Plus, you can tug the dress down to show a playful peek-a-boo of whatís underneath.

Speaking of flirty date night dresses, lace styles would be perfect if it werenít so hard to find the right number to wear underneath without masking the lace. A swimsuit is ideal. This combo letís you decide how much skin you want to show and the lace dress softens the overall look with romantic femininity. Keep things subtle with a dress thatís the same color as your suit, or bold with a bright suit to contrast a white dress.

Looking for a new way to rock a daring backless dress? Pair it with a bikini top with multiple straps. Overall the effect is more coverage, but criss-crossing lines create a flirty cut-out look. Accessorize with strappy bracelets and bold colors.

Ruffled bikini tops look like they were made to pair with floral long skirts. The ruffles give the illusion of a crop top and skirts that hang at your waist are just as flattering as bikini bottoms. Wear with sandals or high heels, and add a cool moto jacket for a little edge.

No more wondering where to wear those super sexy swimsuits. Whether youíre in the mood to party with some friends or tend to dress more modestly, with a wiliness to experiment and bit of creativity, your options are endless.

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