Brilliant Earth

Stunning conflict free diamonds from Canada

Celebrate life and support freedom when you choose ethically mined conflict free diamonds.

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What's Inside:
These beautiful Canadian diamonds are available as:
  • Diamond rings set with conflict free diamonds - Shouldn't the ring that proclaims your love be set with ethical diamonds? Start your life together by choosing one of their conflict free diamond engagement rings - a special demonstration of love you'll only find in fair trade stores.

  • Sparkling loose diamonds for sale - Whether you're buying for investment or to use in jewelry, loose ethically obtained Canadian diamonds are a better choice than conflict diamonds. You don't have to contribute to socially and environmentally destructive practices to enjoy the fire and beauty of diamonds when fair trade retail stores like Brilliant Earth can bring provide you a socially conscious choice. Shop for the color, cut, clarity and size you want on their secure website.

  • Elegant diamond necklaces - Brilliant Earth Inc, a leader in fair trade shopping, also offers beautiful diamond necklaces. Choose one of their designs, or create a custom look for a one of a kind gift.

  • Choose sapphire rings for a beautiful alternative to diamonds - The beauty of sapphire rings makes them a natural choice for people looking for a different look in conflict free engagement rings. These lovely blue stones were obtained according to fair labor practices, giving you a ring you can be proud to own.

  • Recycled gold and platinum settings - Gold mining is among the most environmentally destructive practices. That's why Brilliant Earth uses renewed and reclaimed gold and platinum for their jewelry. Shop their online fair trade catalog for stunning diamond settings using environmentally sound practices.

For truly environmental, ethical jewelry: rings, wedding bands, necklaces and earrings, shop Brilliant Earth. If you care about people and the planet, let them be your source for breathtaking Canadian diamonds and beautiful diamond jewelry.

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