Bennington Potters

Handmade stoneware dishes, bakeware and mixing bowls for those who value craftsmanship

Bennington Potters believes in the value of craftsmanship, thatís why everything they make, from stoneware dishes to pitchers is hand-crafted, the old fashioned way.

What's Inside:
  • Stoneware mixing bowls and batter bowls that are functional as well as beautiful
  • Unique coffee mugs and coffee breakfast sets
  • Stoneware sets for gifts, complete with syrup, apple-pie-in-a-jar, or wooden utensils
  • One-of-a-kind casual dinnerware and rustic tavernware, including large handmade coffee mugs
  • Coordinated serving pieces, from a pasta bowl to a unique serving platter
  • Decorated stoneware, pitchers and trays
Bennington is one of the longest continuously operated potteries in the United States - since 1948. The potters who work in the factory pride themselves on producing stoneware dishes and other handmade pottery using a level of hand-craftsmanship that few other potteries in the world can match. Bennington offers classic historic designs despite their complexity, and also focuses on utilitarian shapes for the modern household. Other companies have responded by simplifying their designs and creating cookie-cutter stoneware and dishes, which is not the Bennington way. They believe there are still people looking for handmade pottery that is original, timeless and of substance. Pottery that can be used and passed down through the generations.

The result is the finest kitchenware for your home. Browse their collection of unique coffee mugs, stoneware mixing bowls, dishes, bakeware, exquisite dinnerware, kitchen accessories, and other kitchenware sold online or in their catalog. As always their stoneware is lead-free, dishwasher, microwave and oven safe. Whether for your own kitchen, or for a unique gift, Bennington Potters has something special for your table. Start your new Bennington collection today!