Top 10 18th Birthday Party Ideas

Celebrating an 18th birthday is a fun milestoneContributed by Aurora LaJambre, Info Guru

Celebrating an 18th birthday is nothing to be shy about. If you want to do something to mark the occasion, something fun, fabulous and memorable, you’re not alone.

. Everyone wants to create a special memory. Maybe it’s the urge to do something spectacular that causes the mind to come up blank with ideas.

Whether your big day is next week or several months from now, there’s plenty of time to plan an I-am-Awesome 18th birthday party extravaganza. Try one of these top 10 suggestions, or better yet, try a few. Most importantly, don’t forget the cake. Ask a baker buddy to whip up something special – no matter how old you are, there’s got to be cake, candles and plenty of off-key ‘Happy Birthday’ singing.

Here are our Top 10 18th Birthday Party Ideas:

10. Screen Queen dance party

Sometimes all you want to do is watch movies. Choose your favorite era of cinema and underline


on your birthday invite. For instance, a 1920s Hollywood party may inspire flapper dresses for the gals and jazz singing gangster suits for the fellows. Decorate your party room with movie stills and show silent films in the background while dancing to a blend of contemporary and Ragtime tunes.

9. Game party

Your 18th birthday may signify adulthood, but it’s also a time to celebrate your youth. Challenge your friends to a few rounds of laser tag and run around shooting until you’re red in the face. If video games are more your style, head to the arcade. Play until your name is on the Top 10 Highest Score list (or until you can accept defeat).

8. Surprise party

Throwing an 18th birthday bash for a friend? Surprise parties are memorable and fun, especially if the guests manage to keep the secret. Recruit the guest of honors closest friends to keep him distracted and unsuspicious. Hold the party at your house or the backroom of a casual restaurant, and rent a karaoke machine for non-stop entertainment.

7. Luau birthday party

Create a tropical theme for your birthday party: a few simple decorations will transform your backyard. Surround your outdoor party area with tiki torches and hanging lanterns, light candles on the tables and sprinkle sand on the ground for your ‘dance floor’. Cut open a few coconuts for pina coladas and serve pineapple and ham kebabs.

6. Birthday picnic

If you love the outdoors and sports, direct your guests to a local park for an afternoon of games and barbeque. Contact your local Parks and Recreation Department to find out if you need a permit. Bring your soccer, basketball or foot ball. Help prep as much food as possible the night before so everyone can enjoy the party.

5. Tacky masquerade party

Remember that bright pink gown from your high school homecoming? Throw a tacky masquerade party at your home or a community center and give your old gowns a second life. Pair them with clashing sneakers or flip flops. Add a sailor’s hat, boa or super hero cape to your look and dance the night away feeling like a kid at a dress-up party gone terribly wrong.

4. Day of fun

Not everyone wants a big blowout party. Consider planning a Day of Dun with a few of your closest friends or family. Start the day with a scenic bike ride. Then, book a guided hike, kayaking or rafting tour if you love the outdoors. Eat at your favorite restaurant or request your favorite home cooked meal and top off the night with a decadent desert.

3. Milestone party

Whether you’re going for a small gathering or a large extravaganza, 18 is a milestone. Include a blank scrapbook page with your invites to friends and family. Tie a long string to a wall in your party area and have your guests clip their finished scrapbook pages to the string with a mini clothes pin. Your decorations will add sentiment to the party and you’ll get to leave with a fun scrapbook in hand.

2. Glam up

Whether you’re in college or finishing high school, you deserve some pampering. Visit a spa with family or small group of friends and enjoy a luxurious massage, mud bath or facial. Go out for tea and conversation after. Then throw on your favorite dress and hit the town glowing.

1. Weekend road trip

Perhaps your 18th calls for an adventure? A weekend road trip with friends is a classic way to create a lifelong memory. Choose a place you’ve always wanted to see (within a 10-12 hour drive). Skip the highways and take scenic back roads instead. Plan a few touristy stops to check out along the way and create a road trip playlist to keep the party going. For an extra thrill, go skydiving once you arrive at your destination.

Happy 18th Birthday!

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  1. Thank you very much for this article; it is by far one of the most helpful ones I have found so far. Most web sites I have read suggested a nightclub, or getting a tattoo, which are things I really don’t want to do…so thank you for these wonderful, fun, suggestions…I may combine a few of them into one!

  2. Thank you for the ideas! A weekend adventure sounds like a wonderful idea. I can make the reservations and pay for everything up front. I can decide where they go and where they will stay so I know they’re safe, and they can have a real grown-up adventure! Why didn’t I think of this?

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