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5 Reasons To Get Your Car Repaired ASAP

By Catalogs Editorial Staff

Getting into an accident is not a pleasant experience by any stretch of the imagination. Not only is it a stressful scenario, but getting your car repaired afterward is also an ordeal. Many people tend to not bother with the hassle and use the cash payout for other things. It is important to consider the after-effects of not getting your car repaired in time. Here are the top 5 reasons why you should get your car fixed immediately after an accident:

1. Value
There will come a time when you will eventually look to sell your car. If your car is damaged, even minor scratches will affect the value of your vehicle. The better the condition, the better the price you will get from potential buyers. The condition of the car is obviously going to be one of the main deciding factors for potential buyers when they evaluate your car. If your car is in bad shape, it will not be appealing to the buyers. The first impression that they get from looking at the car will be of utmost importance. If your car has dents and scratches, it will make the buyer think that the car was not maintained properly and will raise red flags for extensive hidden damage in their mind.

Another factor to consider here is the quality of the auto body shop that you employed to repair any damage to your car. Most buyers check the insurance claims to see what damage a vehicle went through. Buyers can easily get a detailed report of all the repairs that were made to your car and see if they were made by a quality workshop. If you can not satisfy the buyer in this regard, you are more likely to get low-balled and get a low price for your car.

2. Traffic Stops
The laws regarding inspections of vehicles vary from state to state but, if you are driving around with a broken tail light, you are most definitely going to be stopped by law enforcement and given a fine. It is better to avoid this unsavory experience and just get your car repaired. If your state requires inspections of vehicles, then any damage to your car will need to be repaired, if it is to be passed as roadworthy. The repair might not even cost as much if you go to a top auto repair workshop. They will assess the damage and make sure that your vehicle is repaired without any additional cost. It is worth it considering if you fail an annual inspection, you will have to go through the tedious task of getting it approved again. Save yourself valuable time and money by getting your car fixed before you get into any kind of interaction with the authorities.

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3. Safety
A car is a complex machine that has thousands of parts that work together in a complex system to make the vehicle function as it is supposed to. You never know the importance of a single loose nut or a tiny bolt that is holding the whole car’s structure together. Even if you are unaware of the problem, it can have a crucial impact on your safety and other drivers that are around you on the road. Structural integrity and safety features are very important whenever you are in an accident. Your vehicle might be compromised in ways that you can’t see. It is best to let experts inspect your car and tell you that it is safe to drive.

A simple collision on the bumper of the car has the potential to misalign the intricate systems that make your car function. This will make an accident in the future more damaging than the last one because your car will already be in a vulnerable state. This seemingly inconsequential factor can be the deciding factor of whether you survive or not. If your car has been in an accident, get it to a reputable auto body workshop as soon as you can. It is the responsible and right thing to do.

4. Insurance
Insurance is a tricky subject. There are many factors that come into play when your car is in an accident, and you look to get your claim. One of the things to consider here is that your insurance provider might refuse coverage for physical damage if you choose not to get it repaired. If you ever get into an accident in the future, your car’s repair cost will not be covered by the insurance.

Let’s say an area of your car was damaged in an accident, and you did not get it fixed. The next time, if the same area takes further damage in an accident, your insurance provider will only pay for the latest damage meaning that any damage that was incurred in a previous accident will not be covered by your insurance. They will most likely not pay twice for the same part or area. This can have a significant impact on how much you have to spend to even out the difference. If the repairs are crucial for getting your car back on the road, what choice will you have other than to pay?

The most important factor when it comes to claiming your insurance is to have a teardown estimate of the damage that your vehicle has. You will have to pay this sum out of your own pocket. The insurance appraiser’s estimate only covers damage that can be seen from the surface. A teardown estimate provides you with all the damage that needs to be fixed even beyond the surface. It helps you avoid any miscommunication with the insurance provider and helps you get the most out of your insurance, so in the long run, you end up paying less money for the repairs

5. Additional Damage
Sometimes it is hard to gauge the extent of the damage that has been caused in an accident. It is almost impossible to get an accurate assessment of the damage without specialized equipment. To avoid any issues that might end up totaling your car, it is better to just take it to a good auto body workshop and get it looked at by professionals who have the right tools for the job.

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