youthful accessoriesby Info Guru Aurora LaJambre

Using pricey anti-wrinkle creams and thick layers of sunscreen help people maintain a youthful appearance, but these are not the only tools at your disposal.

A few style tricks and the right accessories make all the difference.

Here are ten accessories that make you look younger and feel beautiful.

10. Bright scarf

Bright scarf

Bright colors exude vitality, so naturally they’re associated with youth and all the vigor that comes with it. Add energy to your look and tie on a bright scarf. Wrap it around your updo for a casual bohemian touch, or drape over the shoulders to balance out a short dress. Bold contrasts in color or texture lend a devil-may-care air to any outfit.

9. Tights


Whereas pantyhose age you, cool tights and leggings chop off years. They slim your legs, bring textural contrast to dresses and personality to the most neutral ensembles.

8. Hair accessories that pop

Hair accessories that pop

Hair styles speak volumes about a woman’s age. These days, you can pull off any twist, braid or even a sloppy pony tail if you frame it with a hint of glam using hair accessories that pop. Use a pearly clip to hold back shorter hair up front or a sparkly headband to keep down flyaways. Sweep the rest back anyway you like! If you prefer it down, wide headbands with bold prints compliment minimal makeup.

7. Stand out jewelry

Stand out jewelry

Buying a matching set of jewelry makes sense when you like the design, but wearing the set together will certainly age you, or make you seem way younger than intended, like 12-years-old. Avoid the matchy-matchy at all costs. Choose one stand out piece as a focal point, and offset it with other small pieces. Metal earrings and necklaces bring more light to skin, which dulls with age.

6. Handbag


Every gal deserves a great designer tote or handbag, so why not use one with youthful versatility? Chic structure or one unique detail – woven or waffle knit texture, fringe, metal hardware – is all you need to bring a little edge to any outfit.

5. Skinny and wide belts

Skinny and wide belts

Say ba-bye to the non-descript blah belts that merely serve to hold your pants up. Start buying pants that fit so you can use belts as an accent. A variety of either super skinny or extra wide belts bring variety to the closet. Wide ones cinch the waist and make your waist appear smaller while slim belts in shimmery or print materials add instant style.

4. Not-so-sensible shoes

Not-so-sensible shoes

Okay, don’t take this to the extreme, but there’s only so much practicality one pair of shoes should ooze. Stilettos aren’t for every woman, but we can all agree to step away from the frump. Contemporary women’s shoes like wedges and pumps should offer support and provide comfort while still flattering your shape and setting off any outfit. If flats are more your stride, check out pairs with solid construction and built-in arches that also have a bit or flair.

3. Hats


Hats are classic accessories that make you look younger, provided you choose the right style. The less frills the better. Let the hat speak for itself and choose one with a brim so it also helps shield your face from the sun.

2. Sunglasses


Stylish sunglasses are among the accessories that make you look younger and stay that way. They protect your eyes from UV rays and help reduce wrinkles and sunspots. Choose frames that lend width to your face or round edges to soften a more angular face. For prescription eyeglasses, opt for an understated look with thin wire frames.

1. Metal jewelry

Metal jewelry

The trick for dressy occasions is to edit, edit, edit. In lieu of statement pieces, opt for the clean lines of metal cuffs on either arm. These slashes of metal catch light in a spare, stunning way. Silver and gold go with everything, and there’s nothing wrong with wearing both at the same time. Metal simply feels youthful.