Adding Hawaiian style to your look

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Adding Hawaiian style to your look can change your fashion point of view

Adding Hawaiian style to your look can change your fashion point of view

If you’ve ever been to Hawaii, there’s a good chance you wanted to take a bit of it back home with you. Perhaps you wanted to turn your backyard into a lush landscape similar to what you saw on your travels, or you want to roast a pig and eat poke. Maybe you want to incorporate a relaxed and fashionable island attitude in your wardrobe. Either way, adding Hawaiian style to your life can bring some of that island flair to your own home.


One of the most alluring stylistic components of the islands is the jewelry. From beautiful bracelets to eye-catching earrings, this jewelry attracts attention from all over the world.

The island culture is known for its laid-back nature, which is incorporated into jewelry that is flip-flop and slipper-shaped. Earrings, necklace pendants and bracelet charms are just a few of the items that feature this whimsical design. Show the world you just came back from paradise by wearing these baubles.

Hawaii is also known for its personalized jewelry. Gold bracelets, anklets, pendants and rings that feature your name bring a part of paradise home with you.

Additionally, pieces that feature stunning jade and coral, along with other breath-taking stones from the islands are often found on the necks, ears and wrists of those who are lucky enough to call this beautiful place their home.



When it comes to clothing, the islands are all about being casual. Since the weather is typically mild to hot, you’ll find that locals prefer light fabrics and garments that show off skin. Tank tops, shorts and flip flops is the outfit of choice for many natives.

Light, flowing dresses and sandals are also a favorite, as they are weather-friendly and fit right into the tropic theme. You’ll see many wahines, or women, wearing strapless and maxi dresses adorned with flowers and other festive designs, at work, out to eat or simply on-the-go.

Khakis and T- or buttoned-down shirts are what many kanes, or men, wear when they need something more formal than just shorts and sandals. The key is selecting fabrics that are breathable and as laid-back as possible.

Since surfing and the beach is such a part of the Hawaiian culture, much of the attire is made for this way of life. Rib-knit short- and long-sleeved shirts are often thrown over bikinis and bathing-suits. They can be used to cover up your arms from the sun until you are ready to relax on the beach.

And you can’t forget about clothes that feature island prints: shirts, shorts and dresses adorned with palm trees, large flowers and anything beach-related are also ways of adding Hawaiian style into your look.   


Tropical home decor is all about creating a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere. One of the first elements of decoration you may think of is vegetation, and you’d be correct: plants are often found in island homes.

Both real and artificial plants help to give to your surroundings the feel of paradise. Hanging baskets, trees and potted plants spread throughout your home add style in an instant.

Additionally, placing blankets, quilts, bedspreads and throws that feature flowers and other tropical themes are a quick way to add texture and island design.

Your furniture can also add island style to your home. Chairs, beds and couches that have wicker or wooden components are often found in Hawaii. The pillows and cushions on the furniture can also have floral and island designs.

Transforming your backyard into a scene from the tropics is simple and fun. Place a few Tiki torches around, in addition to comfortable and stylish Adirondack chairs. A fire pit and lush vegetation are that’s left to create the relaxing and aesthetically-pleasing paradise you’re after.

It has been said that a trip to Hawaii is often life-changing. Not only can the visit alter the way you look at life, but it can also skew your preferences. Adding Hawaiian style to your life brings the islands back with you, and may help you to stay in a laid-back paradise mode.