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Backyard Water Features

By Editorial Staff

backyard water featuresContributed by Info Guru Terri Wallace

Nothing adds more drama and elegance to a backyard than the ripple of water cascading over rocks, spilling from a fountain, or trickling down a sculpture into a serene reflecting pond.

Whether your yard has formal flair or the laid back elegance of an English cottage garden, these backyard water features are sure to create a summertime oasis that the neighbors will envy.

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10. Beautiful Bird Baths

Beautiful Bird Baths

A simple, classic bird bath provides a source of water for your feathered friends while creating a focal point for your garden. Encircled with seasonal plantings, this simple garden accessory can transform a dull corner into an eye-catching sanctuary.

9. Freestanding Fountains

Freestanding Fountains

A freestanding fountain is a spectacular showpiece for your outdoor haven. With styles ranging from modern to classical, these works of art bring visual beauty and the soothing sounds of cascading water to your backyard.

8. Wall Fountain

Wall Fountain

Even smaller gardens can benefit from the beauty of a water feature. Consider a wall fountain to take advantage of compact spaces while still enjoying the calming benefits of a trickling fountain. With styles range from roaring lions to modern marvels, these little fountains have big impact.

7. Ornamental Ponds

Ornamental Ponds

Ornamental ponds can be left in a more natural state or groomed into a formal work of art. When setting up your pond consider the space available, the style of pond you want, and the level of maintenance required.

6. Koi Ponds

Koi Ponds

Add a living water feature to your garden with a simple, yet elegant, koi pond. The lulling lap of the water against the rocks, and the peaceful pace of the fish as they swim around the crisp, clear water will add tranquility to your garden and provide a living focal point.

5. Wondrous Waterfalls

Wondrous Waterfalls

One of the more dramatic water features that you can incorporate into your back yard garden is a man-made waterfall. The rush of water as it tumbles across the rocks can block out the sound of nearby traffic, or noisy neighborhood pets, as well as provide a stunning focal point to your back yard.

4. Classic Greenhouse

greenhouses from Charley's

The familiar and functional backdrop of a greenhouse is traditional addition to classically designed garden, including a garden that includes a water feature. Whether you add a formal, classic greenhouse as a centerpiece, or tuck one into a practical corner, this time-honored structure’s place in some of the most beautiful gardens in the world is well deserved.

3. Urn Fountain

Urn Fountain

The urn is another classic garden feature, and utilizing the urn in a water feature adds ageless elegance to a garden. Create the feeling of ancient Roman gardens, flanked with statues and colonnades, with the gentle rush of water spilling from the urn as the summer sun slips from the horizon.

2. Classic Sculptural Fountains

Classic Sculptural Fountains

Sculptures have long added a traditional elegance to a garden, but the new sculptural fountains combine the classic form with the relaxing rushing of water over the cool stone forms. Whether you prefer the refined formality of a full sized sculpture, or a less imposing style associated with a “lost ruins” type sculpture, these pieces add uncommon drama to the garden.

1. Whimsical Fountains

 Whimsical Fountains

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Back yards do not have to be formal, imposing landscapes. Incorporate whimsical water fountains into your garden with the playful frolicking of the familiar garden gnome, or a roaring lion, or a spitting frog. By incorporating the unusual into your garden, you can transform your yard from mundane to unforgettable.


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