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BBQ Best Recipes

By Editorial Staff

great BBQContributed by Info Guru Oliver VanDervoort

When you are having a barbeque, there is really nothing better than cooking out on a great grill and letting the smoke and spices wash over you as you prepare the food.

Some people believe that in order to qualify for a great BBQ recipe, you need to actually have some BBQ sauce involved. Others claim that just grilling out means that the food you cook there certainly counts. Because no one is really particularly wrong and everything tastes just so right, we’ve brought you the best of both worlds with our list of the top 10 BBQ best recipes. We guarantee that people from both sides of the argument will find common ground while their mouths are watering.

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10. Grilled Fruit

Grilled Fruit

This might seem to some like an odd way to start off the list, but paired up with a with some great spices that includes cinnamon and mint. These are a great choice for those among you who might love cooking out over an open flame but don’t love to gobble down meat. Even meat eaters will find this dish tasty.

9. Marinated Grilled Shrimp

Marinated Grilled Shrimp

You might notice that kebabs are going to take up quite a few of the first slots on this particular list. Marinated grilled shrimp is basically a recipe that requires a kebab approach with shrimp meat. You can have almost any kind of marinade you want, including barbeque but the key is to make sure that shrimp is well soaked in the sauce.

8. Chicken Kebabs

Chicken Kebabs

Get yourself some wooden skewers, some pieces of chicken breast meat, some veggies and some kind of rub or sauce and cook on your favorite grill. You can give this any kind of spin you want and it is almost surely going to be quite tasty.

7. Beef Kebabs

Beef Kebabs

This closes the circle on the kebab run we’ve had on this list. Like the chicken and shrimp, you can use all kinds of seasonings and all kinds of veggies to make this recipe. You can also go with a barbeque beef kebab.

6. Pulled Pork Barbeque Sandwich

Pulled Pork Barbeque Sandwich

You can also use a dry rub pulled pork, but there is just something about barbequed pork on a warm summer or fall day out at the park.

5. Cedar Planked Salmon

Cedar Planked Salmon

You need to get yourself a nice gas or electric grill, preferably one that burns wood chips. It’s better not to cook this over charcoal, because charcoal can change the taste of planked salmon. If you get this right, you have a dinner that will have people drooling just remembering it.

4. Beef Brisket

Beef Brisket

This is a dish that takes some real expertise to pull together in just the right way. Some people will say that this needs to be made in a proper oven, but plenty have managed to pull this together with the right barbeque tools. Beef brisket is one of those meats that just melts in your mouth if done right and qualifies as one of the best all time.

3. Inside Out Burger

Inside Out Burger

This is a new spin on the good old reliable cheeseburger, where you actually work in shredded cheese into the meat patty before slapping it on the grill. The cheese melts throughout the burger instead of on top and depending on the types of cheeses you use, this can have a really new and interesting taste.

2. Buffalo Wings

Buffalo Wings

Grill up a whole mess of Buffalo wings for a great summer cookout or on a Saturday or Sunday tailgate. Either way this food and the many different recipes you can find make for some good barbeque.

1. Ribs


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The list of the top best BBQ recipes would not be complete without having ribs on the list. The best thing about this is the number of different sauces you can pair with them and make a fantastic meal.


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