Contributed by Info Guru Heather Vecchioni

It’s sad but true: sometimes things get boring in the bedroom.

Blame work, children, stress or a host of other factors, but experiencing a lull in your sex life is a common occurrence. One fun way to spice things up; however, is with some super seductive bedroom games.

These fun activities are sure to spice up your relationship and might even ignite a spark that was starting to burn out.

Guess the Words

Challenge Your Alphabet Skills

A list of the best of bedroom games

Although lying a bed that is fitted with luxurious sheets and other fine bedding is sexy enough, you can up the ante by playing this fun bedroom game. First, start out by giving each other massages with sensual body cream. Doing so will get you both relaxed and ready for the next step. Then, lie on your stomach while shirtless and have your partner use his or her finger to write intriguing messages on your back. Your job is to guess what the other is writing and you can only ask him or her to repeat a letter once. If you can’t figure out the message, you’ll have to fulfill it.

Role Play

Live Out Your Fantasy

long blond hair

Do you have a thing for nurses or policemen? Maybe for blonds. If so, have fun dressing up as one. Maybe you’re keen on people dressing up in sharp business suits. Go from short hair to long blond hair with a wig. Whatever your fancy, have you and your partner play out these desirable roles. Doing so could be like being with another person, all while having fun with the one you love.

Pretend You’re Strangers

Get to Know Each Other in New Ways

A list of the best of bedroom games

You know how you felt when you first met your partner? How you got those amazing butterflies and felt all tingly? Create that magic again by pretending like you’re strangers. Set your bedroom up like a restaurant and pretend like you’re a chef and your partner is a costumer. Serve him or her something that is easy to eat and ask your sweetheart questions about his or her life, like you did when you first met each other. Cop an accent for even more fun. And if you want, start this charade at a real restaurant or bar, then bring the excitement back home with you.

Fun With Flashlights

Get Daring in the Dark

A list of the best of bedroom games

You know when the lights go out something good is bound to happen. Boost up the excitement level by whipping out a long-lasting flashlight after you turn out the lights. Illuminate the areas you want your partner to pay attention to, or shine the light on your honey’s areas of interest. And keep the areas lit up while the special request of being attended to.

Bond With a Blindfold

Tap Into the Unknown

A list of the best of bedroom games

If you’ve never played around with a blindfold, you’ve been missing out. Not knowing what to expect is super exciting and can bring your experience to the next level. Cover your partner’s eyes, then start paying attention to certain areas. Move from spot to spot so he or she won’t know what’s coming next. You can even introduce props, such as ice cubes, toys or even tasty food items, chocolate. The anticipation of where you’ll touch will get your partner super amped about the final act.

Implementing these fun bedroom games into your repertoire is sure to bring excitement back into your relationship.