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Benefits of adjustable beds

By Catalogs Editorial Staff

The many benefits of adjustable beds go far toward inducing quality sleep

The many benefits of adjustable beds go far toward inducing quality sleep

As usual, I didn?t get a wink of sleep?all night. If those words are your own, you have endured yet another sleepless night. Chances are good that you awakened tired and grumpy, instead of refreshed and ready to take on the world?or at least the daylight hours to come. Such sleep deprivation is avoidable?as simple as changing one?s habits, changing pillows or perhaps exploring the benefits of adjustable beds.

Tossing and turning are not Olympic sports. But they are powerful contenders for the title of Most Aggravating, in the category of Things That Interfere with a good night?s sleep. Maybe it?s high time to investigate the benefits of adjustable beds. A well chosen bed that enables the user to raise and lower the head of the bed or the foot of the bed?or to bring the horizontal plane of the bed frame up or down?is a boon to a night of sound sleep.

There is no one who does not need sleep. Some may boast of running on full speed with only a couple hours. Others make do with five or six hours. Nevertheless, experts recommend eight hours of high-quality sleep for those who wish to function at maximum capacity. The benefits of adjustable beds are such that there are advantages for everyone, regardless of their personal sleeping habits?or various chronic or temporary medical conditions.

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Short-term insomnia is common

Insomnia is a common sleep problem often resolved once the benefits of electric adjustable beds are fully understood and a suitable bed is acquired. Frequently, however, relief comes from something as simple as replacing an old, limp pillow with a new one.

The pillows available today are wondrous products. Some are designed to encourage proper alignment of the neck with the rest of the spinal column. There are inflatable pillows perfect for travel. And today?s sleep technologies have brought to consumers a cushy, resilient material known as memory foam which automatically adjusts to the shape of a sleeper?s head and shoulders.

People suffering from insomnia are among those who surely will want to obtain a new pillow or two, in addition to probing the benefits of adjustable beds. Most think of insomnia as a term related to problems in getting to sleep or staying asleep. But insomnia also can relate to frequent awakenings. Insomnia also can involve early morning awakenings with no hope of returning to a restful sleep.

Most people probably will experience short-term insomnia at some time or another. Learn how to relax. Soothing relaxation music calms the mind and body. A glass of warm milk is an old remedy. Many experts agree that a few nights of insomnia is little cause for worry. And everyone?s grandmother has abundant advice for getting a good night?s sleep. Hers even may include researching the benefits of adjustable beds.

? Refrain from eating spicy food before bed
? Use the bed for sleeping not reading or TV
? If wide awake, get up for a little while
? Drink water sparingly before bed time
? Decrease use of caffeine-laden drinks
? Try some relaxation techniques

Long-term insomnia requires help

While short-term insomnia most often is caused by some transitory problem, long-term insomnia is different. An intermittent insomniac could be experiencing some fleeting situation such as a marital flare-up or a job-related concern that prevents full relaxation and falling asleep within an hour or so. Long-term insomnia, however, frequently lasts weeks, months or even longer and always should be discussed with a medical professional.

The causes of long-term insomnia can range from chronic pain, depression, medications to various physical?or mental?disorders. A physician may explain among many other therapies the benefits of adjustable beds, for sometimes simple changes can make a world of difference in one?s quality of sleep. And most people would rather invest in a comfortable, affordable adjustable bed than a supply of pills or sleeping potions.

Mind games invite sleep

One of the benefits of adjustable beds is that the head of the bed can be raised to a semi-sitting position. A person who occasionally finds sleeping in a flat bed difficult often discovers that the upraised position of an adjustable bed mimics perfectly the posture enjoyed in a favorite recliner where naps are taken and fully enjoyed.

It could be argued that associating the enjoyment of a daytime nap with a satisfying nighttime sleep is one way to trick the mind into relaxing and more quickly enabling one to fall asleep at night. The list of benefits of adjustable beds is a long list. Raise the head, raise the feet. Get some sleep. It?s a beautiful thing.


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