Top of … best car interior products

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One of the best car interior productsContributed by Tim Brugger, Top 10 Guru

When it comes to keeping your car looking sharp, a lot of time and money are spent on the outside.

Nothing wrong with that of course, who doesn’t want a nice looking rig?

But since we spend most of our car time on the inside looking out, my list of the best car interior products is chock full of ideas to keep it sharp and functional.

Dog liners

Dog proof your upholstery

pet seat covers

If you’re a pet lover, chances are you’d like to bring the little (or not so little) guy along for the ride. Avoiding the mess that comes along with your pet is as easy as checking out a variety of seat and hatch liners from Covercraft. A padded seat cover will keep the inside of your rig neat and tidy, and is a breeze to put in and take out. A damp rag is about the only solution to the drool that comes from sticking his head out the window going 65 mph.

Shifter knob cover

Little details

One of the best car interior products

It’s often the little things that make all the difference. For Mustang owners that want to set a particular interior mood, and get the best car interior possible, check out this Pistol Grip shifter knob from Dallas Mustang. You throw this on and it’ll change the entire complexion of the interior, and perhaps even your driving habits; in a good way of course. We’d never suggest tearing off the line to see if the 6.4 second 0 to 60 advertised is actually true; why, that’d be irresponsible.

Extra storage

A place for everything

One of the best car interior products

Have a 4×4, truck or SUV? If so, space is usually at a premium and keeping the best car interior possible means not using the floor for storage. The answer is this heavy duty Rugged Ridge Seat Storage system. It even has a shoulder strap so you can load it up with the requisite goodies, slide over the back seat and then tote it wherever you need upon arrival.

Suede-look dash cover

Sun protection

One of the best car interior products

The best car interiors share many things in common; one of those is a smooth dash. Without proper protection, the sun will beat the daylights out of any dash given enough time. If you’re driving a Beemer or Mini, Bavarian Autosport will hook you up with a super classy faux suede dash cover in a host of colors; all custom fit to your rig. Since all it takes is fastening some Velcro, you can take if off or on whenever you get the itch to go au natural.

Add-ons for a classic

Sublimely functional

One of the best car interior products

If you’re still rockin’ an old-school Beetle two things; first, congrats. Second, you know interior storage is somewhat…limited. After the mini-me sized glove compartment, the floor is about the only option. Or, I should say was the only option. How cool is this bamboo tray? And as old VW owners will attest, add-ons like these are not only okay in a classic, they’re celebrated.

Carpet underlay

Insulate and soundproof

One of the best car interior products

If you appreciate old-school muscle cars, there’s a good chance you’re rumbling down the highway in an old Chevy of some sort. Sweet. The best car interior, particularly for the classics, has to include nice carpet. Just like a home, a clean well taken care of carpet gives the entire rig a clean look and feel. Before you throw down that new rug, insulate with some underlay designed specifically for your old Chevy or Mopar rig. Not only is it more comfortable, you’ll get better sound and weather insulation too. And for just a few bucks at Classic Industries, why not?