Figure out what the best email service is for your personal and work needs

Figure out what the best email service is for your personal and work needs

When you are looking for an email service that you can trust – and that you don’t have to pay for – there are a couple of different ways you can go. When it comes down to picking the absolute best, the choice is going to be largely what sort of features you prefer. Each of the major free email services offer slightly different features and what you hold most dear is going to be how you decide which one you go with.

Presentation also offers quite a bit to think about when looking at which will be the absolute best. When asking what is the best email service, a few things separate the major providers. There are literally dozens of different free email services but as a general rule, many of these are going to fall far short of what the big wigs offer up.

AOL Mail

Of the top email providers that are still giving out the service for free, AOL might be the most basic. That can be a good thing if you aren’t looking for a ton of bells and whistles. If you are into chatting through AIM then this would be one of the best emails to go with because chat is built right into the email service.

Beyond that, AOL mail doesn’t offer a whole lot that you can’t get from one of the other big companies. One nice feature is that you can set up your calendar and tasks through the email service, but other email providers make it easier to sync with other devices such as tablets and smartphones.



Yahoo! mail is just one step up from AOL and that basically comes in third in this review of the best of the best email services. Like AOL, it has the ability to have a chat right through the actual email service. Unlike AOL, the chat isn’t as well protected and you will find yourself with numerous “friend requests” from spammers looking to set up some sort of scam or another.

What makes Yahoo better than AOL is that it loads quite a bit faster and has quite a bit more storage space when it comes to adding attachments or receiving them. The inbox also has a rather quick and easy way to filter email messages directly into folders. That makes it especially easy to keep your inbox clean.


Outlook is one of the two best email services around and it got that way after Microsoft did a pretty big revamp on  The look and feel of Outlook is quite a bit more fresh and well thought out, but that isn’t what makes it one of the best email services out there. The fact that you are able to access Sky Drive and a fully immersive calendar are what makes it a leader.

As far as email security goes, there is a pretty staunch spam folder and users have the ability to even go out of their way to give you a way to block further emails from addresses. You can also quickly and easily label an email as a Phishing scam and report it to Microsoft so they can take action. It is this filtering that makes Outlook one of the best around.


Gmail is the the biggest and the best when it comes to free email. Perhaps the best part about this email service is it seems pretty much impossible to run out of storage space. The email service has also made it as simple as possible to do a search through your emails. This means that you never really have to delete anything and if you don’t you can look through emails from years ago.

The full integration with every other Google service such as Docs and Calendar and Google+ is an added bonus. Sending and receiving email through Gmail is incredibly easy as well. As is setting up contact lists that allow you to send emails to multiple people with just a few clicks.

Without a doubt, Gmail is the best email service on the web today.