game room gamesContributed by Info Guru Oliver VanDervoort

Whether you want to call it a “Man Cave” or simply your rec room, the idea of putting together some kind of home game room is gaining popularity.

People are going out less and staying home more that they used to and if they are going to stay in, they need something to do that is actually fun. Contrary to popular opinion, watching paint dry is not a legitimate past time. So if you are going to put together your recreation room, you need to have the right items in there. Luckily for you, we have come up with a list of the top ten game room games. This way you don’t have to spend hours hunting the web or trying to brainstorm. Spend that time stocking up on these great games.

10. Chess Set

Chess Set

When putting together your game room you are going tot want to have a wide variety of different games laid out there. Board games are going to be an essential part of any layout and if you are going to go with a board game, you need to go with a chess board. You want it to look good and you also want it to be able to host a game of checkers or chess, two of the oldest and most popular board games around.

9. Poker Tables

Poker Tables

Any “Man Cave” worth its salt is going to need to allow for a little gambling every now and then. Even if the gambling is for laundry money or pretzel sticks you will still want your poker table to look like one that you might see in Vegas.

8. Air Hockey Table

Air Hockey Table

This is another game that you will find in arcades and game rooms across the country, so of course you need on inside yours. Depending on your space and your budget you can get a stand alone full size table, or you can get an Air Hockey game that goes on top of other tables and can be put away when you’re done playing.

7. Twister


This particular game might raise a few eyebrows, but it needs to be a staple of any game room just the same. The reason it belongs here is because invariably you are going to have people who are not good, or don’t know how to play games like Air Hockey and Chess. This is a game where talent doesn’t really factor into the situation and failure is funny.

6. Darts


Darts is a great way to go mainly because you don’t need to take up any floor space. There are a ton of different boards to go with, from the old timey to electronic. You can go with a basic version or one that has a ton of bells and whistles and you really won’t go wrong.

5. Pinball Baseball

Pinball Baseball

This is a fun table top game that has been around long before electronic pinball. It doesn’t take up a ton of room so you can even change it out with your table top Air Hockey game and still have an uncluttered space.

4. Pinball


While it’s cool to have the wooden pinball game, you should also make sure to equip your room with a full size, electronic pinball game as well. Having both in the same game room instantly gets you “cool cred” because you’re showing everyone you know the history of the games you’re sporting. The best electronic pinball games are going to be ones that serve as a nod to when they ruled the recreation circuit.

3. Foosball


Another classic game that should never be omitted from your rec room. Just like Air Hockey, your space and budget can dictate what kind of Foosball table you get. You can go with the full size or the table top version and still have a ton of fun.

2. Pool


If there is exactly one game table that can fit in your room, it needs to be a pool table. You can get a couple of different sizes and a ton of different looks so that you can fit the table with the décor of your room. Add some pool cues, rack up the balls and let the games begin!

1. Arcade Game

Arcade Game

A game room isn’t a game room without an arcade game. There are table top versions that you can buy, but if you want to do it up in style you need to get at least one stand alone game. If you really want to earn some cool points you can get those game cabinets that were built to be stubbier and allowed two people to play across from one another, instead of side by side.