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Best Medical Alert Systems for Seniors with No Monthly Fee

By Catalog Editor Staff

If you are looking for medical alert systems for seniors no monthly fee to take it easy on your finances while ensuring your safety, read below to find out more about them and how they differ from the traditional call buttons for elderly.

life alert alternative

medical alert systems for seniors free
Although when it comes to medical alert systems for seniors, free ones are not as efficient as the traditional personal emergency alert devices; they offer protection, health tracking, and even entertainment features, making them a cost-effective solution.
If you are considering buying medical alert systems for seniors no monthly fee, chances are that you already know they are of great help. Especially, for the elderly who want to be independent or for the people with medical issues who love their freedom.

Although there is no doubt that buying a life alert alternative is a wise move, their prices can often make you rethink your decision. The average cost of a medical alert system is between $20 – $30, while the mobile options being a bit more costly – up to $45. 

Before you continue reading about the Best Medical Alert Systems for Seniors with No Monthly Fee there is a special announcement we would like to share with you. has negotiated special medicare rates for our vibrant community of seniors. If you are over the age of 60, you can head over to our Seniors Health Section which is full of information about medicare. All you need is your zip code and a few minutes of your time to potentially save 100s of dollars on your medicare bills.

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This can often be too much for the ones in need. So, if you want your peace of mind but are not willing to spend the hefty monthly bill, the unmonitored medical alert systems can be a good choice for you.

How Do Free Medical Alert Systems Work?

If you are wondering what makes unmonitored medical alert systems free, the reason is their simplicity. The cost of traditional health systems can be very high, but you get a more budget-friendly solution when it comes to medical alert systems for seniors no monthly fee. Although you don’t need to worry, they will not disappoint you when it comes to their functioning. 

They have fewer features and follow a simple process. In fact, their functioning can be merely summed up in a single line- when you use the emergency button for seniors, it will connect you to an emergency number. One of the following will answer your distress call:

  • 911, or any other emergency operator
  • Your preferred emergency contact number. It could be your family, friends, or neighbour as per your preference.
  • A call centre operator if you choose this via an upgrade.
Moreover, the working of these devices is basic; once the user presses the panic button, the medical alert sends a signal to the pre-set contact so that the help can be dispatched at the right time. These might be available as different life alert alternatives like emergency necklace for elderly or medical alert watch with no monthly fee.

 If this looks like something you might need, but you are worried about this high cost, medical alert systems for seniors no monthly fee can prove to be a smart choice.

Do You Know?

You can now choose medical alert systems for seniors free in different shapes and sizes.

How to Choose the Best Medical Alert Providers with No Monthly Fees

Companies evaluated6
Hours of research60+
Hours of product testing120+
Ranking criteria5
Finalists chosen3
There has been an increase in the number senior emergency alert systems. So, searching for the right one has become difficult. However, if you are planning on buying one too, you can stop worrying about this. We have made this easier for you by presenting a list of some of the best unmonitored medical alert systems. All the brands that have made it to the list are checked in various aspects like:

Cost-Effectiveness: We don’t want you to dig a hole in your pocket while choosing the right senior emergency alert system. But even the cheapest of these costs around $250. However, we have tried our best to offer you cost-effective solutions by bringing medical alert systems for seniors free to the light as they save money in the long run.

Warranty: Emergency alerts for elderly are a costly investment as you have to purchase the free life alert systems for seniors and they are not available on lease. So, we have picked up only the systems that come with at least a one-year warranty to make the purchase profitable for you.

Emergency Notifications: Emergency alert for elderly connect you with the professionals trained to handle emergencies. However, free medical alert system does not come with this feature though it is of utmost importance. That is why we have handpicked the systems that directly connect you to both 911 and your friends or family.

Ease of Use: Although unmonitored medical alert systems function automatically, they need to be comfortable to wear. We understand that no one would like to wear an uncomfortable gadget with them all the time. Therefore, we present a list of lightweight and small devices while some can also be operated with no buttons at all.

Location Feature: It is an important feature of the medical alert systems for seniors no monthly fee systems as they track your location in case of emergency so that the help can reach you.

Pick the Best Medical Alert System with No Monthly Fees

 Medical alert systems are exceptionally useful devices that can save your life in case of emergencies. If you are in danger or press the button, they connect you to experts so that the help can reach you as soon as possible. Moreover, if you go unresponsive in an unfateful event like a fall, they will still ensure that emergency responders reach you even if you do not respond.

Undoubtedly, the traditional medical alert systems are better as they connect you to dedicated professionals; trained to handle emergencies situations. However, these can be costly, and everyone has their own budget. So the unmonitored medical alert systems provide a budget-friendly solution – you still get a backup and peace of mind with them as they connect you to 911 or your loved ones whenever you are in an unpleasant situation.

Medical Alert with No Monthly Fees

WellBe by HandsFree Health – Best No-Fee Medical Alert

free medical alert systems

This one is not just a call button for elderly but serves like an all-purpose assistant – like Alexa. It can recognise and process an array of voice commands. This comes in addition to features like setting medication reminders, appointments updates or listening to music or audiobooks. Not only this it allows multiple voices giving the power to all the users to stay updated with their health status and medical records.

free life alert systems for seniors
Alt-text: You can easily set the WellBe speaker device atop any table and, it will be able to recognise your voice even across several rooms

In emergencies, this free life alert that connects you to 911 or your preferred contacts. It is an emergency button for seniors that also lets the caregivers keep a track of the health conditions of the user through notifications.  Moreover, when you are not using it for tracking health, you can also pair it with a WellBe smartwatch, augmented features or even GPS tracking! So, if you have been looking forward to investing in it, you can do that without thinking twice.

Intuitive voice commands  Higher start-up costs  
Wi-Fi connection  No fall detection  
No monthly charges Can support up to six different users   
Entertainment features   
Emergency and non-emergency calls   
One-year warranty   

Silent Beacon – The Best GPS System


Silent Beacon is a free life alert that keeps things simple and serves merely as a panic call button for elderly. It does what it is designed for efficiently as you can easily use this rechargeable panic button wherever you go. It will connect you to an emergency contact with one press of the button. Further, it has one of the best GPS so both you and your loved ones can ensure that it will get help to you wherever you are.

Additionally, your caregivers can just download the app to keep a check on your location and receive your distress call, as it is a medical alert that calls family and friends.

Extremely lightweight device  Requires a smartphone  
Bluetooth and GPS capabilities  No fall detection  
Rechargeable battery   
No contracts or fees   
One-year warranty   
Caregiver alerts, check-ins, and location tracking   
Water-resistant device 

Fast Help – No Smartphone Required

call button for seniors
Fast Help is one of the easiest medical alert systems for seniors no monthly fee as it does not require any smartphone to function and can last up to three weeks on a single charge. The device justifies its name and ensures that you get help at the right time.

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This is essentially an emergency button for seniors that is water-resistant and GPS enabled device will call 911 when you press the button. As a result, the emergency help providers can find you and help no matter where you are. Therefore, it is a reliable medical alert that calls family for the elderly and without any added hassles or worries.

Extremely lightweight device  Only calls 911
Bluetooth and GPS capabilities  No companion app
Rechargeable battery  No fall detection
No contracts or fees   
One-year warranty   
Caregiver alerts, check-ins, and location tracking   
Water-resistant device 






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