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Best Music Sound Systems for the Home

By Editorial Staff

home sound systemby Info Guru Aurora LaJambre

Music lovers all have a favorite place for listening to their favorite songs.

For some, nothing beats driving along to a classic album or kicking back at home watching a much-loved record spin round and round. The more your listen, the more you’re bound to seek the highest sound quality possible.

These 10 best music sound systems for the home show you there’s a world of difference between knowing lyrics and tapping to the beat versus really hearing the highs, lows and every nuance in between.

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10. Wall mounted speakers

Wall mounted speakers

The advantages of installing wall mounted speakers are many. If you live in a tight or irregularly-shaped place, mounting them saves significant floor space without breaking up a room’s design. Having them on the wall also reduces that cluttered feel. The main appeal is that the audio of these surround systems sounds fantastic both because it’s not muffled behind furniture and they generally produce higher frequencies.

9. Receiver


You have a wide range of affordable, high quality stereo receivers to choose from these days. Many have at least five inputs for analog audio and come in much smaller sizes than they used to. Look for newer models that include docks for MP3 players and USB inputs. If they’re wired for an internet connection, so you can easily stream audio files and radio for maximum variety.

8. Sound bar

Sound bar

Sound bar systems are relatively new and increasingly popular as more people stream music from their TVs, tablets or phones. They’re affordable, portable and replicate a stereo effect with a single component.

7. Power amplifier

Power amplifier

A power amplifier is often included as part of the best music sound systems for the home because they give you more control overall. Some amplifier sections allow you to adjust balance, tone, volume and even the source selection.

6. Integrated amplifiers

Integrated amplifiers

Integrated amplifiers have inputs for digital audio and a built-in converter for digital-to-analog. They don’t include a radio tuner, but they do allow you to stream radio from the internet. If the majority of music you listen to is digital anyway, you’ll find this better suited for your needs.

5. Headphones


A good pair of headphones is one of the most affordable ways to enjoy high-quality audio. A really good pair comes with its own hi-fi system. In addition to easy portability, they’re good to have if you need to cut out other noises like a nearby television. Headphones also appease others who may not want to her your jams.

4. Powered speakers

Powered speakers

The best music sound systems for the home theater can adapt to any space no matter how small. Whether you’re looking for something for a small room or even a dorm, powered speakers with a built-in MP3 player dock is all you really need. Point the speakers towards the listening nook and enjoy a most minimal high-fidelity system.

3. Digital-to-analog component

Digital-to-analog component

Any music lover who enjoys the wide variety of digital music streams and song stores probably already has a digital-to-analog component. This does exactly what it says it does – converts digital files for new and traditional stereos. Many smartphones, MP3 players, laptops and notebooks, audio/visual receivers and hi-fi amplifiers already have them built it. If yours doesn’t, do yourself a favor and get one!

2. Whole home systems

Whole home systems

Fill your entire home with music using a whole home system. Basically, these connect to a central unit so you can store music in one place. With them you have the option to play the same tunes in every room, different songs in different areas or select one room to listen in. They’re easy to operate and allow everyone in the home to listen to whatever wherever they want.

1. Floor-standing speakers

Floor-standing speakers

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If you want to fill a large space with rich sound, floor-standing speakers are the way to go. They offer the highest and lowest frequencies from the deepest bass to the highest falsetto. Connect them with high quality cables for the best sound.


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