One of the best of creative learning materials storesContributed by Denise McGill, Top 10 Guru

Today’s learning materials have moved beyond dry text books.

They come in all different mediums, shapes, and sizes and are as varied as each individual is. From DVD’s featuring fire truck safety songs to talking microscopes, there are plenty of creative resources to pique your curiosity and have kids learning something new before they know it.

These five online stores have something unique for every creative learning style and development.

Learning Supply Stores

Interactive play

coloring toys

Look for an online store for school supplies for teachers, parents and students. They offer a variety of arts and crafts, curriculum products, and interactive games. Stir a child’s imagination to create the next great Picasso! Their creative play materials encourage children to be more active with materials for puppet theaters or play kitchens. These stores will be a great resource for encouraging kids to learn through interactive activities.

Science Catalogs

All about discovery

One of the best of creative learning materials stores

Science is all about discovering the world around you. Creative learning materials will keep kids fascinated for hours as they explore rocks filled with specs of quartz or peek through a talking Geo Safari microscope. Science catalogs are all about “hands-on” creative learning at home. Kids can learn about the latest in technology, chemistry, and biology to get a jump-start on school.

Music Instruments

Join the band


Magic Cabin is as creative as they come. Beyond reading, writing and arithmetic, Magic Cabin helps stimulate and develop the “right side” of their brain. This wooden harp teaches beginners how to play an instrument with follow the dot sheets to instantly recognize some of their favorite songs. Music for Little People has a wide assortment of every musical instrument from guitars to pianos. When the parents have had enough stimulation for the day, Magic Cabin offers toys for the more “quiet” moments too.